My Apple Watch Faces

Surprisingly people are still struggling with Apple Watch faces due to limited design choices. Even more surprisingly people have been asking what I use and advice on band choices. So I though I would throw together a post on what I have been using with the hope it may help....

Limiting Your Email App Is Just Weird

Unfortunately my current email app of choice Spark is starting to slow down for a reason only know to it. So the worst situation in the working world has arisen, I need a new email app! I sighed deeply and headed to the Appstore to try a few out, but...

GoodTask 3 - Supercharge Apple Reminders

For longer than I care to remember, or admit to, I have been searching for the perfect task manager. I am definitely not alone in the feeling that there wasn’t a service that seemed to fit. Todoist almost got there, Things 3 is pretty good, but no service ticked all...

🔗 Here are the five biggest iPad Pro problems, because no device is perfect

The iPad Pro packs in an astounding amount of processing power, doubling the benchmark scores of the 10.5-inch iPad Pro in multiple tests, and even exporting a 4K HEVC video in less than half the time. Here’s the issue: that power is going to waste.

I agree with some of the points in this post, but I don’t really see a downside here. Many apps don’t take advantage of the power, they simply don’t need to. But is this really a ‘problem’?

🎙 Microcast - Don't Pin Your Hopes To iOS13

After a short break I am back to talk to you about the fact people are pinning all of their hopes on iOS13. This software update seems to be the larger update ever and will suddenly turn the iPad Pro into some kind of unicorn device.

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🔗 The Big iPad | Matt Gemmell

Also, be extremely skeptical of anyone who makes a judgement about switching to an iPad when they haven’t actually done it themselves (this goes for most judgements about most things throughout life). This group includes the apparent majority of tech journalists, most of whom seem to have an annual ritual of spending one week with the newest iPad, and then saying it’s not a laptop replacement yet in some general sense. How would you even know? I certainly didn’t until six months or so in.

This is dead on correct. I have fallen out of faith with many reviews on tech sites. This doesn’t just refer to iPad reviews, but it has increased the frustration. How can you review something like the iPad without actually using it for a serious amount of time. Posting a review of a different phone each week is one thing, but not actually using a whole other system and drawing a judgement is the wrong take.

I appreciate that the iPad is polarising bit of tech, and I am more than slightly bias. It’s not a computer for everyone - but it might be for you if you actually TRY!

The iPad Smart Keyboard

I could never work out what was so magic about Apple’s Keyboard, nor the mouse to a lesser extent. It didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, didn’t wow me with features and certainly didn’t do any magic, bar make your bank balance smaller. At least the Smart Keyboard was...