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The Internet Is Boring Now

For what seems like forever, I have been trying to cut down my usage of Twitter. Going around and around in circles with tactics to reduce the time spent scrolling and place it somewhere else. I know the service is bad for me, for issues that are my own, not the services, but after years of usage I just can’t stay away.

It drags me down rabbit holes that I use to avoid doing other things, and ultimately make myself feel worse about the world and affecting my mental health. I know this, yet still do it, so I’ve taken some drastic action to avoid even logging in. On Sunday, I changed my password to one that I do not know, and then deactivated my account. I now have no choice but to have a little break away from using Twitter, with the surprising realisation that the internet is actually pretty boring!

Granted, I don’t stray into much of the web, but it no longer provides the entertainment relief it used to, and I’m fine with that. The itch to reach for my phone is slowly going due to the fact I open up a couple of other apps, realise nothing is happening and then close them again.

I guess I’ll carry on reading or writing instead of scrolling, as well as lifting my outlook on the world. I’d like some more group chats in my life though to fill my slightly isolated feeling.