Over-Stretching To Upgrade

One of the most difficult urges I struggle to let go of is my desire for stuff. To buy things just because I can, and upgrade to the latest and greatest simply because it was released. Thankful this pang is getting less and less, but there is an over arching...

Where To Put Your Tech Investment

For many years there were clear differences between the technology we bought. Clear divides between what companies were and were not able produce, the laptop market was still as it is now, but in mobile some phones sucked and other prevailed. A tech world was a sea of constant compromises...

Using Notion Web-Clipper

There aren’t many things that get me invested in a whole new platform, but reading offline and web clipping is one issue I come up against all the time. It’s not everyones bag, but when I write online or save things on a professional level, I like having everything in...

How To To Use Rodecaster Pro Multi Track With Audio Hijack

It has only been a few days since Rode updated its Rodecaster Pro to utilise Muti track but it has already proved to be a brilliant upgrade. The ability to output upto 14 tracks simultaneously for post editing is quite frankly a ridiculous feat, but may take a little time...

Rodecaster Pro Gets Multi Track

On the very last day of the month Rode released software version 1.1.0 for its podcast mixer the Rodecaster Pro. No big deal you might think, software updates come out all the time, but this one enables the hardware to output multiple tracks via USB and makes recording and editing...

Exclusive: Apple Already Putting Its Stamp On Foldable Device

Galaxy fold this, Huawei Mate X that. You can say what you like about android devices but some people are waiting for Apple’s take.

However people familiar with the matter are insistent that Apple are only interested in one foldable pictured below.

Forcing Myself To Write

Well what on earth have you been doing on your blog for the last few years you might wonder. Well, I’ve been typing - but very little writing. So I’ve pulled out a notebook and forced myself to use it to write in my own handwriting!

Part of this is a push for less reliance on digital media, but mostly this is a real push to improve my handwriting. I’ve tried to do this several times, mainly using my iPad Pro, but a post by Chris Wilson has made me yearn for the the mental improvements also.

To be frank my handwriting is terrible - years of my writing everything on a laptop or phone has exasperated bad habits picked up soon after college. I simply never had reason to write much outside of greetings cards and the occasional note. My journaling is done using Day One, and everything else is emails and text messages. Leading to a scrawl that resembles something between a toddler and a doctor, which I find quite embarrassing to be honest.

So both myself and my 7yo old are doing the same handwriting practice and it’s wonderful.

🎙 Bring Your Own Device 88

Samsung unveils new Galaxies, and why Samsung is wrongly chasing after Apple instead of Huawei. Kuo says that Apple will introduce a 16”-ish MacBook Pro and iPhones that will be able to charge other devices (AirPods and Watch?), and why Nati and Greg are not worried about Apple unifying apps on iOS and macOS

The Meditative Scroll

Social media gets a bad rep at the moment. Screen time this, Twitter that. Much like diet it’s hard to separate the good from the bad, so you just feel guilty whatever you do.

Yet amongst all the barrage of negative press I think there is something to social media usage in a positive way. I’ve found quite a bit of comfort and relaxation from consciously pulling out my smartphone and scrolling by.

Simply scrolling through my feed, and much like meditation, taking in the information and then letting it go is hugely beneficial. Not interacting, not thinking or dwelling, just digesting and letting the information flow past me and out of my mind.

I’m never going to start a new movement with this - but I thought I’d share a bit of positivity towards my smartphone after all the months of self loathing.


Remote Friendships

When we talk about remote work, can we also talk about ‘remote friendships’? Met the best people through Twitter, IG, online connections. 💙🤗 - Alex Muench

I need to remember this more than I do. I get obsessed with all the negativity around using social media. Yet most of the connections and friendships I have are those forged online.

The only reason I podcast is because of Twitter and finding people to do it with. Many of the people I consider friends I have never met in person, simply read their words, listed to their voices and occasionally has a conversation across the web. Social media is great when used in the correct, posistive way.