Your Apps Know Where You Were Last Night, and They’re Not Keeping It Secret | The New York Times →

Brian Wong, chief executive of Kiip, a mobile ad firm that has also sold anonymous data from some of the apps it works with, says users give apps permission to use and share their data. “You are receiving these services for free because advertisers are helping monetize and pay for it,” he said, adding, “You would have to be pretty oblivious if you are not aware that this is going on.”

This is the most worrying part for me. The attitude, in fact down right arrogance, that people should be aware of where their data goes when they are not explicitly told. “Expect adverts unless you are told otherwise” is the excuse of the worst type of profiteering, it makes me sick to my stomach to see the attitudes of some tech companies.


Mjyun True Wireless Earphones Review

So, here’s the thing. I receive loads of emails from random PR companies to test products, not as many as real tech reviewers, but enough. They claim to give you free products, but actually want you to pay for them first. I’ve been burnt a few times so typically decline. However I was intrigued to try some AirPods alternatives and I wish I hadn’t bothered.
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Top 10 iPad features we’d like to see in iOS 13 | Macworld →

Time for an overhaul, so that—at minimum—two apps can access the audio input at one time. That would let me talk to someone on Skype while recording the conversation with a different app.

This would be huge for me, recording podcasts is the single thing that keeps a MacBook hanging around. I would still edit with keyboard and mouse but it’s 100% time for better audio on an iPad.


And You Are? - 01 Daryl Baxter →

Daryl is a freelance podcaster and writer from Manchester, England. He writes about video games, technology and the experiences around them. His first podcast, the Outpost Show, focuses on people that use an iPad and how they get things done.

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iPad Pro Thoughts

Once upon a time I would ‘review’ all of my tech purchases, post several hundred if not thousand words of my thoughts and a dive into the device. For the last two models of iPad I have simply shared my thoughts through text and also podcast. There are enough reviews out there for you to find out the specs and technology publication opinions - but now more than ever its...
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My Apple Watch Faces

Surprisingly people are still struggling with Apple Watch faces due to limited design choices. Even more surprisingly people have been asking what I use and advice on band choices. So I though I would throw together a post on what I have been using with the hope it may help.
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Limiting Your Email App Is Just Weird

Unfortunately my current email app of choice Spark is starting to slow down for a reason only know to it. So the worst situation in the working world has arisen, I need a new email app! I sighed deeply and headed to the Appstore to try a few out, but whilst browsing and testing I have discovered a strange trend - limiting email app attachments to certain services.
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