🎙 And You Are? - Matthew Cassinelli

Matthew is an ex Workflow team member who has taken on the mantel of making iOS automation available to everyone. We dig into his time working for the workflow team, his recent rise to fame and also his love of Xbox. 

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🎙 And You Are? - Jordan Ash

Jordan is a videographer from the UK who specialises in reviewing and building gaming PC’s. He also makes a wide range of Youtube videos talking about technology products and gaming peripherals.

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For almost the entirety of this month I’ve been playing catch up. Both personally, professionally and also with podcasts. Delays in guests and the holidays meant I took an extended hiatus but came back with a bang. There are already episode recorded for the next 5 weeks and more scheduled...

🎙 And You Are? - George Chachanidze

George is a long time blogger, podcaster, video producer and technology consultant. He talks very openly about personal burn out, the reliance of video producers on YouTube and also his experiences helping out at a Georgian TV channel.

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Moving To The Bigger iPad

For as long as I’ve been using an iPad as my computer I’ve used it because it was the most portable option I could find. I’ve hovered around the 10” mark since there were options in size 1 and been perfectly happy doing so. It gave me a screen big...

🔗 How Meditation Is Like Weight Lifting | Philip Brewer

You don’t meditate to prove that you have great focus. You meditate to get better at noticing when you’re thinking and better at letting your thoughts go.

Meditation and mindfulness has really bad PR. It’s not all rainbows, Silicon Valley douches and yoga. It’s the simple act of getting better at focusing on yourself and letting your thoughts go.

There is no pressure to do it for any length of time, or a particular way. But the more you do it the better your focus will become and you will begin to recognise how much time you spend not present at all. Think of it as a bicep curl for the mind.

🔗 Sunday Firesides: Dependence To Independence | The Art Of Manliness

Unfortunately, many people don’t outgrow this phase of infantile dependence. They still primarily try to get what they want by manipulating others, by having a “tantrum,” by metaphorically quivering their lip or pooping in their pants and then waiting for someone to notice. They wait for a solution to their problems to arrive from the outside.

Do you ever just nod your head whilst reading a post that nails a thought you share. I meet so many people like this that I have started referring to the as adodlers.

People that are full grown adults that still behave like emotional toddlers. What’s worse is that I meet people with parents that are like this! Adodlers looking after adodlers, it’s mayhem.

That Doesn't Mean Everything Goes On Youtube

Whilst scrolling through all the hate and outrage on Twitter I discovered a recent poll that surprised me. Presumably to find out where to publish to, a podcast was asking where people consume their podcasts. Quite normal, the surprising result was that the most popular answer was YouTube. But before...

🔗 Putting on some wait | Signal v. Noise

Whenever there’s an opportunity to pick the wait, I’m picking it. And I’m not filling my time with other things I have to do while waiting – I’m genuinely waiting. Waiting while doing nothing. Idling. If I’m in line, and it’s moving slowly, I’m not reflexively reaching for my phone to soak up the dead space. I’m just enjoying having absolutely nothing to do.

Over the last few weeks I have been pondering a post in which I encourage people to be bored. It is one of the biggest things that has increased my mental health and also my creativity.

Taking extra time is key. Taking in your environment when waiting at a checkout, appreciating noises and smells when out and about, and just taking your time.

I often enjoy nothing else but focusing on what is actually going on around me. Sure we all often know, but do we take time to study it? Put in some wait in your own life and you will be glad you did - I promise.