The Entitlement Of Reviewers

but I wanted to be first

The once relied upon tech journalists that influenced purchasing decisions are up in arms that Apple let some lesser known people be the first to release their videos. Videos by channels such as, UrAvgConsumer and even streetwear channel HighSnobiety have made traditional tech reviews act like entitled rich kids. Quite a few You-tubers were invited to what appears to be Apple stores and allowed to release their videos a day or so before everyone else. [Read More]

Bring Your Own Device 24

Let’s do a squeazy phone instead

Nati shares his amazement about Watch Series 3 speed and somehow gets Greg into an experiment with Watch orientation. We continue with Google’s hardware hurdles with the Pixel 2 and Home mini devices, and share our thoughts about the fate of Essential before diving into MacBook keyboard issues and Apple’s bad Mac decisions in recent years. Finally, we conclude with iPhone X thoughts, pre-orders, and supply that might not be as tight as we all think. [Read More]

MacBook Keyboards ARE a mess

But your writing doesn’t help

It wasn’t I till listening to Connected that Stephen Hackett brought home the massive issues with the MacBook Keyboards. In their usual joking way, the team took and very real issue and portrayed it brilliantly. This wasn’t a new piece of information, the Outline had already covered this in their much cited piece, but I ignored this and I’m sure most other people did to. The Outline, with Joshua Topolsky at the helm is one of my favourite websites to read for long form opinion posts jammed full of well researched information. [Read More]

Not Being a Fan Boy Is Hard

Since pretty much the dawn of time we have been looking for ways to make sure we are different from each other. Understandable when you’re competing for limited terrain or food sources, yet we still do it whilst wrapped up in an easy existence. What once was tribal warfare, evolved into splitting ourselves based on arbitrary drawn country borders, and now the lines are draw over some of the most stupid reasons you could imagine. [Read More]

Too much rush, not enough quality

For the last few days my Twitter feed has been awash with comments about the new Google Pixel XL 2 (or the Pixel 2 XL, I forget!). All of a sudden Android writers have split into two camps. Those that criticised the poor quality screen, and those that lept to its defence. The truth is usually somewhere in the middle, but this screen debacle is only the tip of a very worrying trend creeping into manufactures. [Read More]

Apple Design Excellence Is Failing

Just incase you hadn’t gathered already, I really like Apple products. Not because I am some obsessive fan boy, but because (generally speaking) they all work together and achieve exactly what I want from my devices. Given this meek attachment I never feel the need to jump to Cupertino defence when they release products I don’t like, or do things that I think could be better. This is why the podcast walks that line, and in actual fact I recent post on the Outline that is very anti-Apple makes many points I agree with. [Read More]

Filling all those rings

My health and well being has always been a huge focus for me. I have been an avid runner, professional footballer and sport scientist but being active and healthy is increasingly hard in the modern world. The one thing that has helped me move more and weigh less is the Apple Watch. Not to mention that when you have health complications and your doctor asks how active you are, it has proved invaluable to just pull out my phone and point to the screen. [Read More]

WatchOS4 - Still no Podcast app!

Apple have made several considerable changes to the Apple Watch. What was once a complicated and cluttered experience is now slim and targeted to its audience. The Series 3 achieves what the team set out to make, an independent piece of hardware that can do almost everything your iPhone can. Run apps, make calls and stream music without being tethered to your handset. However more than 2 years, and 3 OS updates later there is still no Apple Watch Podcasts app! [Read More]

The Shelf App Review

A shelf app is a very strange thing to take in. Until Federico Viticci published his iOS11 concept I hadn’t even considered the idea of needing one. He posed lots of ideas around universal drag and drop that Apple did actually build into the OS, and now this idea of a shelf to drag all those things you’ve picked up before you have a place to drop them is taking off. [Read More]

The iPhone x isn’t the future today

There has been lots and lots of noise following the iPhone event on Tuesday, Which is one of the reasons I have left this post for a few days. As normal falling into two camps of opinion, which is always to be expected, however the prevailing narrative is that the iPhone x is the future of smartphones in a product made now - unfortunately this simply is not true. The truth is that once phones like Samsung’s Galaxy S8, the LG G6 and various others from Chinese OEMs started hitting the market the traditional iPhone design became old. [Read More]