Bugs vs Noise - Does it REALLY matter?

I’m never sure how many people complaining about issues are actually users of the phone or OS in question. I tweeted about this yesterday as a genuine question. Although some may have took it as a tweet dismissive of issues in iOS, I an genuinely interested in the level of bugs and the moaning on Twitter. I wonder how many people moaning about bugs in iOS11 are still using iOS? [Read More]

Bring Your Own Device 28

It looks like this turkey is taking a selfie

We talk about Greg’s new Dutch 27” iMac 5k and why IKEA is so awesome, and continue about Qualcomm rejecting Broadcom’s acquisition offer, and the reality that most people don’t give a damn about internet speeds. Then we dive into some more thoughts about the iPhone X, while shipping time improves before the 2nd launch wave which includes Israel. Discuss the improved wireless charging iOS 11.2 brings among other stuff and give our opinions about the 2018 iPhone line rumors. [Read More]

Errors in Apple Health App? Try this fix

When Apple launched the Apple Watch, it was greeted with confused emotions. It tried too hard to be everything to everyone, however from watchOS 2 onwards the message has been clear. Notifications and health monitoring are the major benefits to everyone, recording activity levels and making users more engaged. Unfortunately from time to time the health data recorded is incorrect. iOS should intelligently work out what device is being used and count from one device at a time. [Read More]

Bring Your Own Device 27

The most amount of bezels possible with special guest Matt Birchler

This week we have a special guest - Matt Birchler, which joins us to talk about the his impressions of the Pixel 2 - Matt’s annual Android experiment, the experience of using an Android device with an Apple Watch, and the Pixel 2’s shortages that come up only when using the device (hint: the camera). Also, we continue with the world’s longest follow-up about Qualcomm and talk about the iPhone X, and the Watch Series 3. [Read More]

Making The Case For The iPhone Plus

After picking up my iPhone X on Friday it was immediately apparent that the new Apple device is not going to be everyones perfect device. Despite sporting a fantastic 5.8” OLED screen, the iPhone X is going to frustrate users of Plus model phones - and there is still a huge case for the iPhone Plus. The bigger sibling of each model of phone since the iPhone 6 is a love it or hate it device. [Read More]

iPhone X Initial Impressions

As you may or may not know I don’t bother writing reviews anymore. There are hundreds of great videos and long form pieces out there to satiate your appetite for that kind of thing. However I usually share my initial thoughts on using new devices - and here are mine on the iPhone X. This unwillingness to spend hours wiring a full review is further exaggerated by the hype surrounding Apples new device. [Read More]

Apple’s Service Advantage

At 9:30 on Friday 3rd November I joined a line snaking from the front of a store in the middle of Highcross shopping centre in Leicester. It’s something I had done a few times previous, and I gladly waited for my turn at the front. When this opportunity rolled around, I was greeted with brilliant personal service, a member of store staff that really cared about my experience lead inside to buy my iPhone X. [Read More]

Bring Your Own Device 26

On a scale of one to X

Greg shares his initial thoughts about the iPhone X, and his overall experience from the Apple Store pick up, unboxing to the device itself.

We also talk about the device itself, where the iPhone line might be heading, and how it effects the competition.

A Few Hours Naked

Don’t worry. Nothing PG here. Merely the fact that at any hardware launch it’s important to really appreciate the lengths Apple go to to make the phone feel the best it can. Even while picking the phone up in the Apple store I am steered towards the cases that are marketed in a colourful display near the back of the shop. Clearly cases have become a necessity - but I’ve spent at the least the first few hours with the phone ’naked’. [Read More]

Bring Your Own Device 25

Thank god there are two of them (AirPods)

iPhone X is about to arrive, so we talk about the early hands-on and why Apple’s PR change with “Youtubers you never heard of” was a great move, instead of doing the same thing with the “traditional” tech review scene, and in general how reviews are being mostly consumed today. We also touch about Touch ID’s tech, Apple’s supply channel in regards to Samsung and Qualcomm. Also, we had a live quarterly earning information for Apple’s amazing Q4 2016 results. [Read More]