Zoho Notebook Review

Zoho notebook hero

There can’t be many iOS or Mac app for note taking that I still haven’t tried. As soon as I’ve reviewed an app, gone through all the setting up process and made a choice to switch, I start looking around for other apps. I have a major fear of missing out on something that could be a better fit. Truth be told it costs me a fortune, subscription services or expensive one off payments seem to be normal now – but not with Zoho Notebook.Continue reading →

This is not the Twitter premium we are looking for

Just imagine this world. You pay a subscription in order to publish to a social network. In order to do this you must be able to prove exactly who you are and provide your contact details. Every other person using the service has to do exactly the same, so you can be sure who is reading and replying to your posts.

The end result is there is no need for little blue ticks, no need for anti-harassment technology nor reporting of spam. All because the users are who they say they are, and can no longer hide behind anonymity. Continue reading →

Apple Is Pushing iPad Like Never Before →

Neil Cybart wrote:

Apple is making its iPad sales pitch to two groups: existing iPad users and long-time PC users. According to my estimates, there are 100M users still using older iPads (iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad mini). A significant portion of these users are using devices that don't even support the latest iOS release. Management thinks simpler storytelling and an aggressively low $329 price will entice these users to upgrade to the new 9.7-inch iPad.

The fact that 100M people are still using older iPads demonstrates that the product provides value. Apple is also confident that users will see the significant improvement between the latest iPads and models from five to seven years ago. As for PC users, Apple thinks the iPad Pro line is capable of handling the vast majority of tasks currently given to laptops. Apple looks at the iPad Pro line, which includes Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard, as a better solution for consumers than even the Mac. This is quite telling as to management's long-term motivation.

Perhaps finally these are the customers that the iPad has been looking for? Although at £329 I'm not sure why you would buy any other tablet.


I fixed Apple’s red iPhone with a $14 screen protector →

Chris Welch wrote:

But in this case, it’s really just a way to get rid of that white front. Nearly all of it, anyway. You can see the white plastic border that’s between the curved glass and red aluminum.

No. No you didn’t. You made it a lot worse and spent far too many words trying to excuse this fact.

Red iPhone 7 ruined

Just stop.