The iPad Pro is like 1984 all over again →

Abdel Ibrahim wrote:

I continue to see questions whether the iPad Pro can replace your laptop. Some are saying yes, some are saying no. Why are we so undecided? I think much of it has to do with age and the way we’ve used computers for the last 20 to 30 years.

This post is more than a year old, yet the same argument has cropped up over the last week. After the influx of positive reviews of the new iPad Pro and iOS11 there seems to be some push back from those stuck in the mud.

This isn’t a question of if the iPad could replace a laptop for YOU, the fact is the iPad could replace a laptop for a lot of people. In fact the majority of people would be far better off adopting a tablet than a traditional laptop.

The vast majority of those outspoken are those that have been using a traditional PC for a number of years and are still stuck on that paradigm. Using an iPad takes a bit of thinking outside the box, but don’t be so dismissive and extend your closed mindedness to everyone.

Rant over.

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New iPhone 8 Dummy Phone

Iphone 8 dummy unit

Silly season seems to start earlier and earlier each year. As much as Apple try to stop it, the leaks come thick and fast from WWDC onwards. Each new handset has its leaking star, and so far it has been Benjamin Gaskin, showing off purported iPhone 8 dummy phones.

Well it seems there is another – long time leaker @onleaks has posted images of a dummy phone which shows many hardware features which have already been leaked.

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BYOD 09: The iPad Pro gets a ProMotion

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Greg is blown away by the new 10.5″ iPad Pro 120Hz screen and why it’s OK for the iPad not to have force/3D Touch. We also discuss Apple’s culture of secrecy, the stories behind the first iPhone as Tony Fadell makes a fool out of himself, while Scott Forstall reminds us why we liked him so much. And discuss the Android landscape through the lens of the Blackberry Keyone device.

OnePlus 5 Review: The Me-Too Phone →

Vlad Savov wrote for the verge:

In its four years of existence, OnePlus has fashioned itself as the flagship phone killer jumping out of the midrange bushes. Every OnePlus device to date has been defined by premium specs at bargain prices, but that changes with today’s OnePlus 5. Starting at $479 with 64GB of storage, this new flagship can no longer be mistaken for a super-specced midrange handset

This phone is the turning point for OnePlus. They are no longer the company that produces a great spec handset at a cheep price, they are now a regular OEM.

Their ultimate USP was their price point, and at £513 for the 128gb version they are expensive. This puts it in the most dangerous price point, and up against phones I don’t feel it can compete with. At this point, I would 100% buy the Blackberry Keyone.

Or by the looks of it wait a couple of weeks and get the Honor 9 and save yourself some money!

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10.5-inch iPad can actually read my handwriting! →

I also stated that my handwriting is so bad that not even I can read it, and the iPad didn’t have any more luck. This is true, but … I found that if I used print rather than cursive, then the iPad did an incredibly good job at deciphering my scrawl. This is with the MyScript Nebo app:

What you mean is actually the MyScript Neil app can recognise your hand writing!

The state of my handwriting is no better than in the screenshot above, but the Apple touted OCR in their notes app really doesn’t understand my scribble!

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Warning, do not install watchOS 4 beta 2 →

All the features are still there, the Toy Story watch faces have been added, and some minor bugs have been squashed, but battery life is completely shot. I installed the beta Wednesday night and my watch went from 100% to 10% in about 6 hours on Thursday. Essentially, I put it on at 7AM and it was dead at lunch.

Having gone back to iOS11 again following the new beta release, I had been debating installing watchOS4. Thankfully Matt has given users the heads up on installing the latest beta.

This happens from time to time and you really need to be sure you want to deal with these bugs as there is no going back.

I’ll stick with watchOS3 until, very far down the release schedule!

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Major rise in Mac malware reported

Malware featured

It was once a long held belief that anti-virus and internet security programs just weren’t required on OSX (now macOS). Unfortunately as penetration of the consumer market increases, so to does the attention of programmers with nefarious motives. Internet security firm McAfee report that malware aimed at Macs is increasing dramatically.

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