The 10.5” iPad Pro: Future-Proof →

Federico Viticci Wrote:

It’s not difficult to reach a verdict on the new iPad Pro. If you‘ve used the 9.7” iPad Pro for work every day and want the absolute best in preparation for iOS 11 later this year, you should get the 10.5” iPad Pro. Everything about this iPad is nicer, faster, and a bit more spacious than before to justify the upgrade. If you demand the best from your iPad, this is the new best you can buy.

As Gruber already said, there is no-one outside of Apple that cares more about the iPad that Ticci. This is the go to review of the new 10.5” iPad Pro.

I am still struggling to find a justification to upgrade from my iPad Pro 9.7 Review, however this review goes a long way to give me the best points. I may wait until iOS 11 comes out, but yet again I might order one today. Given the glowing reviews from all over the web of the 10.5” iPad Pro I really should just order one. Click. Click


In iOS11 Apple attempts to make Messages even more secure

iOS11 messages syncing in iOS11

Since 2012, for many iOS users iMessage or Messages is the glue that keeps them using the platform. Apple’s messaging platform makes sending and receiving messages on any of your devices a breeze. It may have stickers, and now Apple Pay payments, but encryption has always been one of its biggest selling points. Starting with iOS11 is going to be a whole lot more secure thanks to iCloud.

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Amazon tvOS app puts Apple to the top of the streaming pile

WWDC tvOS updatesThe most exciting time of the year for Apple fans has been and gone in a flash. In just over two hours the Cupertino company launched an update to almost everything they produce, with lighting speed and accuracy you may have missed many things already.

Although tvOS was first out on stage, in the ‘big 6’ Tim Cook wanted to talk about. Apples set top box received significantly less attention than either iOS or macOS, and given its small amount of stage time you would be forgiven for remembering the tvOS updates at all. Yet, they announced a partnership to bring AmazonPrime Video to Apple TV later this year and it’s a pretty big deal.

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A smaller phone makes me much happier

iphone se featured

Since just before Christmas I’ve been questioning many things in my life and making improvements wherever I can. Not due to anything in particular, simply an attempt to make myself happier and more engaged with life. This has lead me to some great places. I have been meditating, cutting down my social media use and for the most part cutting down my phone usage. Not only for the benefit of me, but also for the benefit of the people around me.

Around a month ago I made the decision to ditch my pocket busting iPhone 7 plus, and downsize. In fact I opted for something significantly smaller, an iPhone SE. The amount of questions I have received since is quite shocking – but the answer to anyone wondering why, is both long and complicated.

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