Getting mad at leaks

As the saying goes, “Everything leaks”. Even as Apple attempts to double down on their security surrounding information leaking, readers of technology websites have been bombarded with information on the new handset. This started even before the iPhone 7 launched, but only a few days before the press event, the iOS11 build for the new phone found its way out, and apparently website shouldn’t be covering it. For the last few weeks I have definitely been experiencing leak fatigue and admittedly the rate of leaks does spoil the event somewhat. [Read More]

Using iOS11 Apple Notes app to write

Sure enough, just after deciding that my workflow of using Bear and Ulysses to write all of my content was pretty much perfect - I’ve changed again. For the past week I have been exploring using Apple Notes instead of Bear now that iOS11 is about to drop, and it seems to be working very well. The Stock Notes app on iOS has rightly got a lot of stick over the years. [Read More]

Google, Protube and app development

Apple and Google have had a very strange relationship over the years, however recent news seems to have changed the angle away from Apple and aimed squarely towards app developers. Popular app Protube has been pulled from the App Store at Googles request, but the outcry is aimed at Apple for some strange reason. Some users have been out spoken against Apple pulling the app, and even making the demand that Apple refund users. [Read More]

Ulysses subscription and managing expectations

Don’t worry, this isn’t another post moaning about one of my favourite apps adopting a subscription model. There are plenty of those all over the internet. It doesn’t really matter which side of the Ulysses subscription argument you’re on because those have been said a million times. What really affected the emotions surrounding the move is the way the announcement was made and their confusing blog posts. The outcry is exactly the same each time an app moves business model, it happened not long ago with Day One, and will continue indefinitely. [Read More]

Learn Ulysses - For the best experience, on the best writing app

For a few years now I have been using my an iPad as my primary computer. I communicate from it, I’m productive on it, but most of all I write every post on my blog on it. In actual fact I’m writing this post on this brilliant app right now, I preach about it’s benefits so much some fellow iPad users have converted over to the service. Although I would consider myself an advanced user, I’ve been publishing some of my Workflows and tips to help others, I’m still picking up tips almost every day. [Read More]

The amount of times I’ve missed the dual camera

Does there have to be a reason to buy a bigger phone other than just a bigger screen? The Plus model of the iPhone has already proved a runaway success with users, but with the iPhone 7 Apple chose to give it something extra - another camera. The big brother touted two camera lenses to aid zooming in on your subject, and also record depth information used to make any portrait subject really stand out with a bokeh effect. [Read More]

Today’s Forecast Review

There is nothing more British than talking about the weather. Perhaps it’s our every changing climate, but for some reason it’s a national past time. Your daily knowledge of the incoming drizzle must be at Olympic level, so a good weather app is a must. There are quite a few out there, some good, some bad, and some with too much information to take in. Today’s Forecast hopes to change all that, by giving users all the important information quickly and easily at any time. [Read More]

How to put chapters into your podcast

Aside from the company future looking a little bleak, one of the motivating reasons behind moving Bring Your Own Device from Soundcloud was to add in chapter markers for our listeners. Several shows have been doing this for quite a while and it makes it so simple to find the news we are talking about. This week I finally got around to doing it and here is how you can do it too. [Read More]

Putting back the iPhone 7 headphone jack

When Apple removed the iPhone 7 headphone jack it was a move that polarised opinions. Analysts, bloggers and every day users came down into two camps, those that thought it was user hostile and stupid, or those that didn’t care and it was a move required to move forward. Ever since people have been trying to live with it or put it back on. Well Scotty Allen has succeed and added one back into his iPhone. [Read More]

Smartphones Are Not Ruining Your Kids, They Are Ruining YOU

We’ve all got an opinion on those damn teenagers and their smartphones. Parents and grandparents alike blast the chunk of technology sat in kids hands and blame all of societies ills on them. That’s ok, they have done all this before - it was the radio, then TV, Rock Music, Rap Music and more things than I dare to name. The truth is none of these things affected society in the ways you think they did - but the smartphone is without doubt ruining you. [Read More]