🔗 The new Palm is a tiny phone to keep you away from your phone | The Verge

The Palm phone is a device that you can add on to your Verizon plan, which shares your phone number. It’s a phone designed for you to use on the weekends, when you’re going out for the evening, or just generally when you want to be a little less distracted by your big phone with all its apps.

Is this the most 2018 product? A small phone, to make you put down your big phone instead of using self control. Just wow!

Finding Apple Escape Velocity

I remember getting my very first Android phone. After using iPhones for a very long time I switched to the new comer in town. The Galaxy S was shiny and new, and all I had to worry about was putting my sim in and transferring my contacts. I felt like...

Stopping the Tide

For the last few months I have (had) been journaling. I won’t bore you with the details but jotting down a few notes once or twice a day in the Day One app (my review) had been helping tremendously. Bringing thoughts to the front of my mind and working through...

🔗 The transactional way we talk about friendship is toxic | Quartz

The way we talk about friendship paints an ugly picture of the new notion of relating—one that seeks maximum return on minimal investment, and outlines an exit strategy anytime a friend doesn’t fulfill our fantasies.


I have been seeing more and more of this kind of advice lately. Presumptively everyone has friends that are more take than give, but they must add value to still be friends.

Heaven forbid someone should be sad, or not happy enough to be graced with your presents. Be mindful of social responsibility but don’t cut people out because they forget your birthday.

🔗 Orwell knew - we willingly buy the screens that are used against us | Aeon Ideas

The book credits technology with the destruction of privacy, and here we catch a glimpse of the world in which we live: ‘With the development of television, and the technical advance which made it possible to receive and transmit simultaneously on the same instrument, private life came to an end.’

I could have chosen any number of quotes to pull out here but this one is the most interesting to me. Technology is wonderful, the advancements have given us a super computer in our pockets - one I am typing out this very post on. Yet I see its impacts when watching videos on social media.

Grainy and blurry videos of current events are feeling the world to be better informed of world events and avoid ‘alternative facts’ yet everything is recorded by the public so there is no more privacy. Everything is recorded, and when anything out of the ordinary happens people reach for their phones and record it. This is all very well in public places, yet the need to share absolutely everything from inside your own home is very strange to me.

With group chats, social media sharing and cameras everywhere how many people truly have a private life any longer?

The Nintendo Switch Wins

Every dam time. Constantly. Always with the idiotic updates. Software update after software update that only happen when I want to pick my Xbox controller up and have a quick game in between the stresses of modern life. It doesn’t matter if I’ve turned on update in the background or...

Black Pattern Wallpapers

Thanks to the iPhone X OLED display I am even more in love with black wallpapers than normal. I roll my eyes a little when people claim to save battery, but they definitely save my eyes. Using black also seems to help not put as much stress on my brain....

The iPhone Needs A Camera Button

The simple fact is, Apple like removing things. From home buttons, to MacBook Pro ports, to headphone jacks – there is a relentless march towards a simple unibody design with as few cut outs as possible. It makes the design of technology sleek, appealing and arguably leaves more room for...

Wheelchair Tourists - London

This isn’t the right thing to say but I dread taking my daughters wheelchair anywhere new. Most places are great but I can’t escape the feeling of dread because it only takes one poor experience to put you off completely – thankfully London was pretty great.

Jisoncase iPhone X Leather Case Review

As much as people try and convince me otherwise, since the iPhone 6 I just cant use my phone without a case on. The rounded corners and slippery materials leave me with too much worry that my phone will drop to the floor at any moment. I’ve tried loads of...