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The iPad Intervention

The beta episode of my solo podcast. I think I need an iPad intervention because I may very well be going back to using a Mac.


Copying The Notch Is Only Part Of The Problem

There are so many things I don’t understand about technology companies, and even more I don’t understand about users. We are almost predisposed to pick a side and sick with them to the bitter end (not being a fan boy is hard). Yet the companies we stick by make the strangest of decisions for us, locking down customisations, installing default apps or even ripping off brands users claim to hate....
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Bring Your Own Device 46 →

An Apple Pencil for scale

Greg is messing with his setup just before the show (again). But that doesn’t stop us from discussing the Apple education event which was boring because of us, and the story Apple tried to tell and how the Pencil fits in. We also talk about event storytelling, and whether Apple’s efforts will help them to regain the education market. We ramble for a while about Apple Watch bands before going into Facebook’s shady privacy policies, how will the China-US relationship affect Foxconn acquisition of Belkin and what would you do with a 512GB smartphone.


Every Android phone should have this Huawei P20 Pro feature - Android Authority →

What is most apparent, however, is that there’s no reason not to have this feature. The notch is a polarizing and contentious topic amongst Android smartphone fans. A software feature like this could be the simplest solution to serve both parts of the market. Every Android phone should have this Huawei P20 Pro feature - Android Authority

Whist this is a very good point I think if you make a design decision as big as cutting a section out the screen you should own it. A choice is going to appeal to wider section of people but you’ve got to have #courage!


The W1 Conundrum

As I work on producing more and more podcast audio headphones are becoming one of the most important things in my tech arsenal. My trusty wood backed over ear wired headphones that I have been using since EuroTech Talk (I have no idea what they are they came free with a subscription to wired) are no longer cutting it.
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Bring Your Own Device 45 →

Two devices we are not supposed to like

We ranked our favorite Apple products from the last 5 years, which seems to be a bit controversial. Also, we talk about Apple doubling down on owning the core tech of their devices, and how Chinese Android vendors are trying very hard to showcase advanced tech, but eventually go with the heard


Bring Your Own Device 44 →

Two personal assistants walk into a bar with special guest Guilherme Rambo

Gui (AKA Mr. Rambo) returns and pushes his luck again about his MacBook Pro’s keyboard, and revealed that Apple has a special way to calibrate 3D Touch on iPhone screens. Also, Greg and Gui talk about the HomePod experience and AirPlay bugs, which takes us discussing Siri - as a failed software project.

In addition, we talk about Apple’s next events: WWDC and the education March event, and Nati exploads about Apple’s review process, as Gui helps with some “App Review therapy”.


My Things Setup

Since the massive 3.4 update I have been playing with the todo app Things quite a lot. This is no surprise if you’ve followed me since then because the feed has been filled with workflows. I have watched countless videos and read loads of blog posts of other people set ups, so I though I would share my own.
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