iPhone X Initial Impressions

As you may or may not know I don’t bother writing reviews anymore. There are hundreds of great videos and long form pieces out there to satiate your appetite for that kind of thing. However I usually share my initial thoughts on using new devices - and here are mine...

🎙 Bring Your Own Device 26

Greg shares his initial thoughts about the iPhone X, and his overall experience from the Apple Store pick up, unboxing to the device itself.

We also talk about the device itself, where the iPhone line might be heading, and how it effects the competition.

Apple’s Service Advantage

At 9:30 on Friday 3rd November I joined a line snaking from the front of a store in the middle of Highcross shopping centre in Leicester. It’s something I had done a few times previous, and I gladly waited for my turn at the front. When this opportunity rolled around,...

A Few Hours Naked

Don’t worry. Nothing PG here. Merely the fact that at any hardware launch it’s important to really appreciate the lengths Apple go to to make the phone feel the best it can. Even while picking the phone up in the Apple store I am steered towards the cases that are...

🎙 Bring Your Own Device 25

iPhone X is about to arrive, so we talk about the early hands-on and why Apple’s PR change with “Youtubers you never heard of” was a great move, instead of doing the same thing with the “traditional” tech review scene, and in general how reviews are being mostly consumed today. We also touch about Touch ID’s tech, Apple’s supply channel in regards to Samsung and Qualcomm. Also, we had a live quarterly earning information for Apple’s amazing Q4 2016 results.

The Entitlement Of Reviewers

The once relied upon tech journalists that influenced purchasing decisions are up in arms that Apple let some lesser known people be the first to release their videos.

🎙 Bring Your Own Device 24

Nati shares his amazement about Watch Series 3 speed and somehow gets Greg into an experiment with Watch orientation.

We continue with Google’s hardware hurdles with the Pixel 2 and Home mini devices, and share our thoughts about the fate of Essential before diving into MacBook keyboard issues and Apple’s bad Mac decisions in recent years.

Finally, we conclude with iPhone X thoughts, pre-orders, and supply that might not be as tight as we all think.

MacBook Keyboards ARE a mess

It wasn’t I till listening to Connected that Stephen Hackett brought home the massive issues with the MacBook Keyboards. In their usual joking way, the team took and very real issue and portrayed it brilliantly. This wasn’t a new piece of information, the Outline had already covered this in their...

Not Being a Fan Boy Is Hard

Since pretty much the dawn of time we have been looking for ways to make sure we are different from each other. Understandable when you’re competing for limited terrain or food sources, yet we still do it whilst wrapped up in an easy existence.

Too much rush, not enough quality

For the last few days my Twitter feed has been awash with comments about the new Google Pixel XL 2 (or the Pixel 2 XL, I forget!). All of a sudden Android writers have split into two camps. Those that criticised the poor quality screen, and those that lept to...