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Since moving to a few years ago, I have been using to post to other services. It sits at the heart of everything I do online, and points out to the places that you might stumble on my posts. As such, I wanted to make sure people could reply on their platform of choice and link everything together. Luckily, does this pretty easily if you have a custom theme.

The most important thing for me is gaining feedback and conversation around my posts, so people can reply on but also mastodon, and even drop me an email. You could also do this for anywhere your posts are cross posted to, such as LinkedIn, Medium, Tumblr and Bluesky.

When cross posts to other service, it saves some information about that post which you can display. There is a list of all the information available on this help article, but for this example I am going to use Mastodon.

The information stored for Mastodon Cross posts is:

  • — the identification of the post
  • .Params.mastodon.username — the first @ part of your Mastodon username set up in account settings
  • .Params.mastodon.hostname — your instance name

You can put this together to link to the cross posts, so people can reply with a couple of clicks. For Mastodon, this would be:

<a href="https://{{.Params.mastodon.hostname }}/@{{ .Params.mastodon.username }}/{{ }}">Reply on Mastodon</a></div>

You can style this however you like, In the screenshot above I have added in Font Awesome icons to make it stand out. I also use the reply by email plugin, and some other scripting by Sven Dahlstrand to link back to directly. It is great to know that my posts stay on my blog but go everywhere they need to. Most importantly, people can reply to me wherever they wish.

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