How To To Use Rodecaster Pro Multi Track With Audio Hijack

It has only been a few days since Rode updated its Rodecaster Pro to utilise Muti track but it has already proved to be a brilliant upgrade. The ability to output upto 14 tracks simultaneously for post editing is quite frankly a ridiculous feat, but may take a little time...

Rodecaster Pro Gets Multi Track

On the very last day of the month Rode released software version 1.1.0 for its podcast mixer the Rodecaster Pro. No big deal you might think, software updates come out all the time, but this one enables the hardware to output multiple tracks via USB and makes recording and editing...

The Meditative Scroll

Social media gets a bad rep at the moment. Screen time this, Twitter that. Much like diet it’s hard to separate the good from the bad, so you just feel guilty whatever you do.

Yet amongst all the barrage of negative press I think there is something to social media usage in a positive way. I’ve found quite a bit of comfort and relaxation from consciously pulling out my smartphone and scrolling by.

Simply scrolling through my feed, and much like meditation, taking in the information and then letting it go is hugely beneficial. Not interacting, not thinking or dwelling, just digesting and letting the information flow past me and out of my mind.

I’m never going to start a new movement with this - but I thought I’d share a bit of positivity towards my smartphone after all the months of self loathing.


Remote Friendships

When we talk about remote work, can we also talk about ‘remote friendships’? Met the best people through Twitter, IG, online connections. 💙🤗 - Alex Muench

I need to remember this more than I do. I get obsessed with all the negativity around using social media. Yet most of the connections and friendships I have are those forged online.

The only reason I podcast is because of Twitter and finding people to do it with. Many of the people I consider friends I have never met in person, simply read their words, listed to their voices and occasionally has a conversation across the web. Social media is great when used in the correct, posistive way.

No Podcast Weekends

I’ve been hard at it recording, editing and arranging guests for my podcasts for the last 4 or 5 weeks. It’s been great so far and I’ve got some really great episodes to release yet - but also very stressful.

So from now on I won’t be recording, editing or anything else during the weekends. I need some down time and this weekend has proved it helps. Looking forward to getting going again Monday evening with another fantastic guest!

I Caught My Ego

Last Saturday I celebrated my 10year anniversary with my wife. We don’t usually make a fuss of occasions like this but it was a big number so we decided to go out and treat ourselves.

I knew exactly where to book for food, and asked them to arrange a bottle of champaign for the occasion. Nothing too fancy, a middle of the road Moët and a couple of glasses - 10 years is a long time after all. The food was fantastic, and so was the drink and I decided to take a few photos to mark the occasion.

I caught myself though, turning the bottle so I could show off the label. These photos weren’t for me, they were for my ego. As if I needed to show off this bottle to others. It means nothing, and I’m glad I caught myself but I’ve been a bit hard on myself since - which is possibly a worse trait but more about that another day.

Today started off very strangely. While in a supermarket at just after 9am I observed what might look like a normal transaction that really got me thinking. A gentleman who was in his 60’s was purchasing a number of cheap cider bottles and a bottle of cheap vodka. He completed his transaction and went on his merry way.

Not to make too many judgements it was reasonably obvious his intentions were to consume them in the near future, he appeared to do this quite often. This sounds like judgement, but it come from a feeling of love - but I really wish someone would have spoken up.

It’s a hard situation to be in, especially working for a large capitalist corporation but I questioned if staff should really be doing this transaction. To be honest I still haven’t come to a complete conclusion but I feel that a little bit of resistance, done with love, should have been evident.

It’s Not Their Job…

I appreciate this response, it isn’t their job to interfere with other people’s lives. You’re there to do a job, just scan the products and take the money. However with that said a few question to enquire if they are ok, simply just share a bit of compassion and interest with them is not too much of a reach. I am reminded of the push back regarding a recent Gillette adverts asking for men to improve their social relationships. Much of the resistance was along the lines of “you make razors, you shouldn’t be getting involved”. But I really don’t think there is anything wrong with either of these situations to use their platform to speak up and show some compassion to others.

Your platform could be a huge international corporation, working in a shop or simply walking past someone in the street. Just asking if everything is ok, and helping someone can spread a little bit of love into the world.


For almost the entirety of this month I’ve been playing catch up. Both personally, professionally and also with podcasts. Delays in guests and the holidays meant I took an extended hiatus but came back with a bang. There are already episode recorded for the next 5 weeks and more scheduled...

Moving To The Bigger iPad

For as long as I’ve been using an iPad as my computer I’ve used it because it was the most portable option I could find. I’ve hovered around the 10” mark since there were options in size 1 and been perfectly happy doing so. It gave me a screen big...

🔗 How Meditation Is Like Weight Lifting | Philip Brewer

You don’t meditate to prove that you have great focus. You meditate to get better at noticing when you’re thinking and better at letting your thoughts go.

Meditation and mindfulness has really bad PR. It’s not all rainbows, Silicon Valley douches and yoga. It’s the simple act of getting better at focusing on yourself and letting your thoughts go.

There is no pressure to do it for any length of time, or a particular way. But the more you do it the better your focus will become and you will begin to recognise how much time you spend not present at all. Think of it as a bicep curl for the mind.