That Doesn't Mean Everything Goes On Youtube

Whilst scrolling through all the hate and outrage on Twitter I discovered a recent poll that surprised me. Presumably to find out where to publish to, a podcast was asking where people consume their podcasts. Quite normal, the surprising result was that the most popular answer was YouTube. But before all podcasts rush to create a channel this is worth thinking about.

This doesn’t mean that all of a sudden all shows are going to get loads of listens. YouTube is visual, the types of podcasts consumed are going to be studio based, video productions. They aren’t auto generated, audio only YouTube snooze casts. Think more Joe Rogan experience than sound bites against stock video footage.

🔗 Putting on some wait | Signal v. Noise

Whenever there’s an opportunity to pick the wait, I’m picking it. And I’m not filling my time with other things I have to do while waiting – I’m genuinely waiting. Waiting while doing nothing. Idling. If I’m in line, and it’s moving slowly, I’m not reflexively reaching for my phone to soak up the dead space. I’m just enjoying having absolutely nothing to do.

Over the last few weeks I have been pondering a post in which I encourage people to be bored. It is one of the biggest things that has increased my mental health and also my creativity.

Taking extra time is key. Taking in your environment when waiting at a checkout, appreciating noises and smells when out and about, and just taking your time.

I often enjoy nothing else but focusing on what is actually going on around me. Sure we all often know, but do we take time to study it? Put in some wait in your own life and you will be glad you did - I promise.

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Dave Nott is an iOS developer and infrequent blogger from the UK. He is focusing on producing a new Reading List app in the coming year and talks me through his beginnings, issues with App Store pricing and the future of apps.

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🎙 And You Are? - 03 Andy Nicolaides

Andy Nicolaides is a writer and podcaster from the UK. His blog, The Dent, covers Apple related news and opinions. His campaign to make 2019 more positive in this space is inspiring others to do the same, and changing the way things are published.

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You don’t need to be sorry

Every now and then I simply leave twitter alone for a bit. I’ve tried to properly quit a few times but it never really works, I simply have too much invested in the service and meet too many cool people.

Sometimes I just need a break and quite often notice this feeling before it gets out of hand. However there is nothing wrong, you don’t need to be sorry for me, I want some time away from all the noise.

This sometimes coincides with a particularly noisy time in my circles, so perhaps CES hasn’t helped. I will return but don’t be worried for me, or to take a break yourself.

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