🎙 And You Are? - Dave Nott

Dave Nott is an iOS developer and infrequent blogger from the UK. He is focusing on producing a new Reading List app in the coming year and talks me through his beginnings, issues with App Store pricing and the future of apps.

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🎙 And You Are? - 03 Andy Nicolaides

Andy Nicolaides is a writer and podcaster from the UK. His blog, The Dent, covers Apple related news and opinions. His campaign to make 2019 more positive in this space is inspiring others to do the same, and changing the way things are published.

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🎙 Microcast - Keep Going

Some information about what I’m up to, my podcasting struggles and an open invitation to record a show with you as long as you live somewhere warm.

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Homescreen In 2019

Since sharing my homescreen and a few recommended apps in October last year I have been unsatisfied with my phone. I have spoken before about my love hate relationship with using a smartphone, I tried to remove loads of apps and almost turn it dumb - but I realised I...

Shortcut: Micropost To Jekyll Blog

You may remember me trying to quit Twitter (well in fact I’ve tried several times) and start using micro.blog. This didn’t work, for various reasons, so I have resurrected my project to try and build a version on my own blog.

I Really Couldn't Care Less

There is a tendency amongst the people I follow on Twitter, and converse with online to get defensive. If you buy a certain product, or talk about a particular thing you are then forever labeled. Expected to defend or comment on everything that happens in that space, and quite often...

Working With Footnotes In Jekyll And CSS

Whilst spending far too long redesigning this blog, I’ve come to the conclusion that it look fine the way it is and I couldn’t be bothered with a huge change. So instead I’ve been looking into changing some of the small things. Many of these were pretty easy, but my...

🎙 Microcast - A Short Audio Note

Just a short audio note to talk about what has been happening over the last couple of weeks. Hints at what is coming in the new year and a wish for you all going into 2019.

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Nothing Has Changed In 2 Years

A few years ago I used to write a lot about Lucie. Mention her a lot in posts about my life and also wrote a few from her perspective. Making light of situations when in reality it was my way of coping with feelings and emotions.

🔗 Mental Models - The Best Way To Make Intelligent Decisions

When ego and not competence drives what we undertake, we have blind spots. If you know what you understand, you know where you have an edge over others. When you are honest about where your knowledge is lacking you know where you are vulnerable and where you can improve. Understanding your circle of competence improves decision making and outcomes.

This is something I have been thinking about a lot recently. I think it’s natural to not want to appear ‘weak’ by admitting you can’t do something. It leaves you feeling a little exposed and vulnerable - if you’re doing something serious.

But far too many times have I felt inadequate because someone else is better at a task than me. Yet we all have strengths and weaknesses and there is nothing wrong with admiring this to yourself.