Technology Is Helping to Silently Kill You

No it has nothing to do with radio waves, magnetic fields, or any other obvious way we thought technology could kill us. It’s getting to your body in a very slow, stealthy way and you won’t even realise it. What’s more, new evidence claims that it doesn’t matter how healthy you are for the rest of your life. All this health kick from Apple, Google et al. is all well and good but it doesn’t help the fact that technology is helping to secretly shorten your life by making you sedentary. [Read More]

Apple is no longer just a hardware company

Since the companies inception in 1976, Apple have been held in high regard for their hardware. Woz produced revolutionary designs for motherboards and circuitry, and Steve was so obsessed with even the design of internal components that nothing left the company without achieving a certain level of design and engineering beauty. The brand Apple sums up visions of iPods, Macintosh computers and more importantly iPhones. Although as the enormous growth of the iPhone slows, the revenue Apple gains from its services is going from strength to strength. [Read More]

Besiter Mercury Powerbank Review

Ever been taken out by the dreaded red battery level when yo want to get something done. Thats more of an open question, because we all have. Our mobile life is increasingly battery heavy so to avoid that warning boxes before your day is done, you need a power bank. Heres my review of the Besiter Mercury Powerbank. *full disclosure - we were given the item by Kavson free of charge as part of the press attending The Gadget Show Live 2016. [Read More]