One year of the iPad Pro as my computer

The shocked look when I tell people that my primary computing device is an iPad is brilliant. I’ve actually been working on an iPad for a little over two years, and have replaced pretty much all of my computing with an iPad. First with an iPad Air 2 and now with a 9.7” iPad Pro. With pretty much the same argument to working on a Chromebook, people are too eager to dismiss the iPad as a computer. [Read More]

Google Keep as a writing tool

I’m starting to think I have a problem, I just can’t leave things alone. Once I find a great app that does what I need, I write the review and then start looking at other options. Days after finding Bear to write everything from short notes to full posts I was eyeing up other Notes apps. I decided to give Google Keep a try and it is actually pretty good. Not really as a notes app, but for reminders and todo lists. [Read More]

Bear: The Serious Notes App

Notes apps are a strange thing to review. Everyone already has one built into iOS, and the vast majority of people will never look anywhere else. I was one of those people until I was able to delete first party apps, and much like replacing reminders with Todoist - I’ve replaced Notes with Bear. Here’s my review. By calling Bear a notes app it is much more approachable. When in reality it is a Markdown editor at heart. [Read More]

Todoist- My New App to Get Things Done

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a weird draw to organising things. It started with stationary and folders, and in the digital age expanded into spreadsheets and lists. I consider myself an organised person - yet one app has improved this further, Todoist. I’m not even going to pretend this app isn’t expensive. If you are not a big user of todo lists or you’re not looking for something to improve your productivity then this may not be the app for you. [Read More]

Healthface - An Uncomplicated Apple Watch Complication

I held out as long as I could, but I have now caved and bought a Series 2 Apple Watch. Not because it is anything revolutionary, not because I accidentally killed my original version (although I kinda did) but because health and fitness has become so important to me I feel the investment is worth it. I have also found a perfect complication to match my new Nike + version - Healthface. [Read More]

How Is Twitter Failing

When colleagues tell me Twitter is failing, I am dismissive. When websites tell me they are not doing very well I am equally unbelieving. Simply because Twitter makes $595million instead of the $608million expected makes no difference to me or to any of it’s users. Something is only really wrong with Twitter when you experience it for yourself. Usage is declining, new users are slowing and that is an issue for current users. [Read More]

Lumia stuck on getting things ready?

Here is how to fix it

I waited with baited breath for a new Lumia 950, my first for a while and the first real device for eurotechtalk. It not only meant a new device for me to play with, but signalled that we were being taken seriously and things were looking good. Microsoft had offered to send me a Lumia 950 XL — not just the handset but the whole set up complete with display dock, keyboard and mouse. [Read More]

How to get started with WorkFlow

If there is one thing you need when trying to get anything productive done on iOS, its automation. Something that had been distinctly missing from the OS up until relatively recently. Workflow is by no means a new app but it’s developers have been constantly improving it, and here is a guide on how to get started. Workflow is the closest to the Mac app Automator you are probably ever going to see. [Read More]

9.7 iPad Pro Review

A True Laptop Replacement?

Not many reviews are written on that very device, and in terms of mobile devices there can’t be many at all. However, now more than ever Apple is positioning their new tablets as true laptop replacements, even though almost every previous model has also been also capable of exactly the same thing. Pro is a weird description of a piece of technology. When Apple use the term Pro It’s doesn’t fit into any of the dictionary definitions - does the device make you a professional at something? [Read More]

We Need to Talk About Your Privacy

Snoopers charter sneaks through parliament I guess we are all too busy deciding on if to leave the EU or stay in. Or maybe loosing all our marbles deciding which Oneplus ‘peer’ to give a review device too. However the Labour backed investigatory powers bill has been passed by UK parliament while no one was paying attention. On Tuesday night, Labour pledged its support for the proposed investigatory powers bill leaving it with 444 votes in support and only 69 in opposition. [Read More]