RememBear- Password Manager With Personality

There are a huge variety of password managers out there now, unfortunately some people still resort to writing them down! The creators of TunnelBear have launched a new app to try and make Password Managers more fun and user friendly. RememBear aims to boost the levels of password manager usage with their usual cute animals. Our apps have always focused on just making our service fun, simple, and approachable for everyone - Ryan Dochuk [Read More]

Exclusive: Mindfulness to become the fourth circle to fill

Mindfulness or meditation has existed for thousands of years but has experienced a huge boom over the last few years. The benefits of bringing your concentration on your breath are almost undeniable, but it has experienced a boom in recent years and is particularly prevalent in Silicone Valley. With that in mind Apple are exploring the option to add the practice as a fourth ‘ring’ to fill. Through the use of differential privacy, Apple have been tracking the rise of mindfulness. [Read More]

What Does A Swipe Do

On a recent episode of Bring Your Own Device I was adamant that the recent control centre indicator was a weird bug and would soon go away. Yet here we are with iOS 11.2 now public and it’s still there! The reason I was so sure is that Apple has never relied on indicating things more than once - the reason I was wrong is that Apple don’t seem to know what they are doing any more. [Read More]

No More Micro USB

Posts from The Verge go from the brilliant to the absurd, but one call to arms is perfect for the new year. Vlad Savov has declared his independence from MicroUSB and I wish we could all do the same. USB-C connectors are sturdier than MicroUSB, they’re now more common among the very latest tech, and they’re only going to increase in prevalence and importance as time goes on. My way of simplifying my life in 2018 will be to just embrace and demand USB-C. [Read More]

Big Company Issues Causing Big Software Issues for Apple

The Verge summed it up perfectly in their post “Apple’s had a shockingly bad week of software problems”. Apple have had to twice fix a glaring bug with macOS allowing access to machines, and also date related reboots on iOS. It’s something that is becoming increasingly hard to stomach for users that have come to rely in the robust nature of the products coming from Cupertino. Unfortunately it also appears to be getting much worse. [Read More]

Bring Your Own Device 30

Something to complain about

Greg is sick of the Watch bossing him around even when feeling ill, as we dive into Apple’s 2017 hardware line-up, discussing what we like and what could be improved, without forgetting the subjective aspects of ranting about products.

Hey Apple. We Need a Rest

It was long before the Apple Watch existed that I first slapped on a smarter wrist watch. As Garmin, Nike and Samsung were pushed aside for an Apple Watch- just one thing remianed. They have all pushed me to exercise better by keeping an eye on what I’m doing and giving me a kick when needed. Now that I’m using the third iteration of the Apple Watch, I really think it’s time for a rest. [Read More]

Portrait Mode Complaints

Whilst I have never been overly motivated to have a portrait mode capable handset. Now I actually have the iPhone X I have enjoyed the odd occasion of trying out the feature. It definitely has some issues, especially using the front facing camera, but does get some great snaps. With that said I think Apple could do much better, and I can’t be the only one. Difference between #PortaitMode first run UX on #Pixel2XL vs. [Read More]

Bring Your Own Device 29

Democratisation of firmware spelunking with special guest Guilherme Rambo

This week we have a special guest - Guilherme Rambo (AKA Mr. Rambo), which reveals the ludicrous prices of Apple products in Brazil. Also, Gui joins Nati as they both share their impressions of the iPhone X, before diving deep into some nerdy talk about BridgeOS and the iMac Pro which will come with an A10 SoC. Then we continue to talk about the HomePod and whether Apple’s software game has taken a hit in recent years. [Read More]

Control Centre Needs Some Work

Since collecting my iPhone X from Appleon release day, my impressions of using the device have gotten better and better. The size is perfect for me, splitting the difference between a smaller phone in my pocket and a larger screen to get things done. However the one huge sticking point in my enjoyment is Control Centre. The notch has proved to be the most controversial design choice of the year. Yes it allows for more screen space but still packing in loads of new technology, but it also splits the status bar in two. [Read More]