Bring Your Own Device 30 →

Something to complain about

Greg is sick of the Watch bossing him around even when feeling ill, as we dive into Apple’s 2017 hardware line-up, discussing what we like and what could be improved, without forgetting the subjective aspects of ranting about products.


Hey Apple. We Need a Rest

It was long before the Apple Watch existed that I first slapped on a smarter wrist watch. As Garmin, Nike and Samsung were pushed aside for an Apple Watch- just one thing remianed. They have all pushed me to exercise better by keeping an eye on what I’m doing and giving me a kick when needed. Now that I’m using the third iteration of the Apple Watch, I really think...
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Portrait Mode Complaints

Whilst I have never been overly motivated to have a portrait mode capable handset. Now I actually have the iPhone X I have enjoyed the odd occasion of trying out the feature. It definitely has some issues, especially using the front facing camera, but does get some great snaps. With that said I think Apple could do much better, and I can’t be the only one.
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Bring Your Own Device 29 →

Democratisation of firmware spelunking with special guest Guilherme Rambo

This week we have a special guest - Guilherme Rambo (AKA Mr. Rambo), which reveals the ludicrous prices of Apple products in Brazil. Also, Gui joins Nati as they both share their impressions of the iPhone X, before diving deep into some nerdy talk about BridgeOS and the iMac Pro which will come with an A10 SoC.

Then we continue to talk about the HomePod and whether Apple’s software game has taken a hit in recent years.


Control Centre Needs Some Work

Since collecting my iPhone X from Appleon release day, my impressions of using the device have gotten better and better. The size is perfect for me, splitting the difference between a smaller phone in my pocket and a larger screen to get things done. However the one huge sticking point in my enjoyment is Control Centre.
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Bugs vs Noise - Does it REALLY matter?

I’m never sure how many people complaining about issues are actually users of the phone or OS in question. I tweeted about this yesterday as a genuine question. Although some may have took it as a tweet dismissive of issues in iOS, I an genuinely interested in the level of bugs and the moaning on Twitter.
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If you need a happiness app, question everything else first

I’m not new to this whole improving your life movement, and I’m certainly not new to technology. Those two worlds collide more than you think, and as more and more of our lives go digital it happens more often. Shifting more of our minds to the cloud leads to more of the population looking to their device for mental help.
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Bring Your Own Device 28 →

It looks like this turkey is taking a selfie

We talk about Greg’s new Dutch 27” iMac 5k and why IKEA is so awesome, and continue about Qualcomm rejecting Broadcom’s acquisition offer, and the reality that most people don’t give a damn about internet speeds.

Then we dive into some more thoughts about the iPhone X, while shipping time improves before the 2nd launch wave which includes Israel. Discuss the improved wireless charging iOS 11.2 brings among other stuff and give our opinions about the 2018 iPhone line rumors.


Errors in Apple Health App? Try this fix

When Apple launched the Apple Watch, it was greeted with confused emotions. It tried too hard to be everything to everyone, however from watchOS 2 onwards the message has been clear. Notifications and health monitoring are the major benefits to everyone, recording activity levels and making users more engaged. Unfortunately from time to time the health data recorded is incorrect.
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I Finally Deleted Facebook

For a long time the big blue F was my main social network for communicating with people, keeping up to date with news and just receiving boredom. However for the last few it has been left gathering nothing more than automatic posts and links because it really is a horrible place to spend much time. I’ve finally deleted my account for good, and not for the reasons you might expect....
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