🔗 It’s Always Context

Om Malik writing about context:

Try and find the context. Wherever you can ask as many questions and may slow you down in being able to make a decision that may slow you down and being able to form a take, but maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe we shouldn’t have an opinion immediately. Maybe we should wait and see what happened. See what the context is.

The amount of times that I’ve mediated a disagreement that is purely because of the failure to understand the context is far too many. Especially when everything nowadays seems to be written down, the context of the words read can be wildly different than the ones written.

I am not sure what the cause is, but there seems to be a distinct lack of understanding that other people might not think and act like you do. There’s definitely some main character delusion going on in the modern world and people can’t see the context and instead seem to look for the argument instead.

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