No Perfect Christmas

There isn’t usually much to report from my Christmas day. We spend the day, like most of those that celebrate, eating too much and being thankful for everything we have. This year has been a tough year for us all, with personal struggles and economic issues to contend with. However, this has led to considerable personal growth.

My son has been working really hard on his confidence and social skills since going to secondary school. Lucie has been developing her own way of communicating with us all, despite not being able to talk. We have a lot to be thankful for, despite the slight uphill nature of this year.

My wife and I had a very long conversation about the stresses of Christmas once we had both sat down after lunch. The expenditure and organisational stress often gets on top of us, but we are always aware of the need to recognise what we have to be happy for. Christmas is always a stressful time, and even if the day goes perfectly to plan, which it rarely does, you always wonder if you’ve done enough. We all feel this external pressure to present Christmas as this perfect little event and put too much on ourselves to make the day perfect.

Life isn’t like the movies and TV shows though. The trickster element of the universe loves to throw a spanner or two in there to keep you on your toes. However, rarely do we realise that there is absolutely no need for Christmas to be like you see elsewhere. Everyone’s Christmas is the same as yours, regardless of what they present it as. They are all chaotic, stressful and a long way from perfect, so there’s no point worrying about it.

No one will lay on their deathbed and wonder why that one a Christmas we had wasn’t flawless. They will be happy that we were all together, or as together as possible, and grateful with it. They all come in different shapes and sizes with their ups and down, so enjoy them while you can. Merry Christmas to all this that celebrate, and wonderful tidings to those that don’t.

Whatever you’re up to at this time of year, I hope you enjoy it. ❤️

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