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Would You Do It For Free?

Seth Godin on being In it for the money:

It’s such a hard thing to be honest about. Because money is tied into status, possibility, self-worth, connection, sustenance and more. How many people would be doctors if being a doctor was something you couldn’t get paid for?

Many people spout similar things about not working if you love what you do blah blah blah. I mean, its true that if you can find something you love then it doesn’t feel like work, but the world just doesn’t work like people on Linkedin seem to think it does.

Anyway. Who on earth should work for free on anything? Even if you love what you do and don’t get paid for it (like my blogging in some part) you should be rewarded for it if you are providing some value. There are enough people trying to get things for exposure, or companies trying to to employ loads of free interns without all this nonsense.

Seth uses this post to pose some interesting questions about payment for simple things and the value of what people are doing, but providing value to others for no reward is dumb.