Work To Live Not The Opposite

Jason Friend on it being a little bit crazy at work:

It’s no wonder people are working longer, earlier, later, on weekends, and whenever they have a spare moment. People can’t get work done at work anymore. Work claws away at life. Life has become work’s leftovers. The doggy bag. The remnants. The scraps.

I am constantly surprised by the level of work some people seem to put in. This seems a very American thing, and perhaps they are mostly chasing the American dream, but the level of life that their work takes up is frankly ridiculous. Spending 12 hour days at work and then being expected to work weekends and also slave away with no paid holiday (vacation for America readers) seems so weird.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with hustling when it’s needed but it doesn’t have to be the standard to succeed surely. Work to live, don’t live to work is the age old saying but as technology takes on more and more of the slack, why exactly are people working more and more?

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