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It’s been a while since I listened to podcast as intently as I used to. Somewhere in 2019 I fell off a bit as I didn’t have to drive as much, and the pandemic just killed almost all of my listening. The empty space I used to fill with talking and chatting about tech is not just empty but I’t still consuming up a little while running or walking the dog. Chris Wilson pestered me into writing about what I am listening to, so here it is!

Wired UK

The only Tech thing I listen to now is a good round up of tech news that is actually interesting. It got a bit too much in the pandemic due to talking about research and related things to do with COVID but its back to its best. No spec stuff, no wild rumors to get emotional about, just stories and insight about how tech is changing the world. If you like the magazine, you’ll love the podcast.

Duncan Trussell Family Hour

My favorite person, perhaps on the planet (don’t tell my wife) never fails to entertain. With in-depth talk about life, reality, religion, psychedelics and almost anything goes. His insight into how he looks at the world has affected me deeply since discovering him on Joe Rogan a few years ago – I never miss an episode.

Vox Conversations

This is a new one for me, I have only been listening a couple of weeks but have gone back and devoured a lot of the back catalog. It’s very political in places, and offers a very slanted view of the world, but has introduced me to some really good books and interesting people. I particularly enjoyed the recent episode on Satanic conspiracies in the US.

Tim Ferris

What more is there to say about this podcast, it’s really great. I do dip in and out due to not having the attention or time for a 2hour + conversation but they are always a great listen. Tim has a great way of interviewing and bringing the very best our of people. His show with Yuval Noah Harari changed my outlook on life completely.

Darknet Diaries

If you’re following me and not listening to Darknet I don’t know what you’re doing with your life. This is one of my very favorite. It scratches my tech itch but in a completely different way. The story telling behind some of the greatest hacks in the world, and also some you’ve never heard of ,never fails to grab me.

Others worth mentioning:
Louis Theroux Grounded, The Missing Crypto Queen, Aubrey Marcus, Project Human

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