Fast Moving Is Not Always Better

Matt Birchler on wanting a delay tweet button:

People sometimes act like outrage and fake news is only a problem for Twitter and Facebook, but it’s a problem for any form of social media, as these services live and breath on those quick dopamine hits you get from posting some witty rejoinder or boosting something that supports your worldview. After all, on social media we can all be experts in whatever we want.

Move fast and break things is the call from the web. A culture of push things, including code and tweets, that you can always fix later. It seems semi logical, fast paced means more progress in a round about way — but there is something to be said about missing the bus.

There is nothing inherently wrong with the Social Media platforms that we currently have, but they instil in us this need to move fast and do things without thinking.

How many times have you written out a tweet only to realise there is absolutely no point in it? I bet quite a few times, and if you paused a bit more that number would rise dramatically. Why don’t you try missing the bus a few times and see what happens.

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