Understanding Yourself

One of the great things about writing about how you feel is having to first understand what you do actually feel. Understanding what is going on inside your own mind and who you actually are is one of the hardest things because so often all of these feelings and motivations are on a non verbal level. Very often it isn’t until I see the self expression of someone else I realise I feel like that too, but never knew how to communicate it.

This is one of the huge problems with living in a world of algorithms and curated feeds of information. The AI used to find tune each and everything we see now understands us — the real us, the internal us — far better than we can ever hope to. It understand us and what we need to see to get the best possible result. Surrounding us in a bubble of our own feelings reflected back at us by others.

So when we step out of this haze and interact with people that don’t think and react like we do, it’s a shock to the system. Our self centred nature allows us to completely ignore the feelings of people around us because we are so internally focused on ourselves that we don’t understand any other way. It takes effort to understand the way others think and the reasons behind the way they react.

Too much effort for us to bother with. So we close ourself off in our own curated world, attempt to cancel anything we don’t like and carry on. Why resist. Being surrounded by an environment that understand us, breeds our thoughts and shapes our desires in their own image makes us content. Why bother to understand anyone else not like us. We are happy in this state, but we are not living.

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