How to Stop the Internet From Ruining Your Relationship | GQ

Luke Winkie wrote:

There is a whole spectrum of issues that can come up for people regarding their significant other’s internet presence,” says Gray. “From things like, ‘Why are you always liking this model’s photographs?’ or ‘Why haven’t you been liking my posts lately?’ all the way to ‘I would really prefer if you didn’t scroll through your feed while we are eating together.

I am always constantly surprised on the level of thought that goes into social media etiquette. On recently reshuffling my twitter and trying to move people into lists some people reached out and complained I unfollowed them – which I guess sis understandable. But couples have whole issues, and more than likely ended relationships, over their other half’s online footprints.

Personally I couldn’t care less one what others do and what pictures the doubles tap, but we do have a constant issue at home on the usage of tech in family times. My wife had a skill, that I don’t, to be able to watch a television program and also scroll through Facebook and also chat to her friends.

I am left with what I call ‘residual attention’ and it’s slim to none.

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