One year of the iPad Pro as my computer

The shocked look when I tell people that my primary computing device is an iPad is brilliant. I’ve actually been working on an iPad for a little over two years, and have replaced pretty much all of my computing with an iPad. First with an iPad Air 2 and now with a 9.7” iPad Pro. [Read More]

Google Keep as a writing tool

I’m starting to think I have a problem, I just can’t leave things alone. Once I find a great app that does what I need, I write the review and then start looking at other options. [Read More]

Bear: The Serious Notes App

Notes apps are a strange thing to review. Everyone already has one built into iOS, and the vast majority of people will never look anywhere else. I was one of those people until I was able to delete first party apps, and much like replacing reminders with Todoist - I’ve replaced Notes with Bear. Here’s my review. [Read More]

Todoist- My New App to Get Things Done

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a weird draw to organising things. It started with stationary and folders, and in the digital age expanded into spreadsheets and lists. I consider myself an organised person - yet one app has improved this further, Todoist. [Read More]

Healthface - An Uncomplicated Apple Watch Complication

I held out as long as I could, but I have now caved and bought a Series 2 Apple Watch. Not because it is anything revolutionary, not because I accidentally killed my original version (although I kinda did) but because health and fitness has become so important to me I feel the investment is worth it. I have also found a perfect complication to match my new Nike + version... [Read More]

Nexus 5x - Familiar feel, same result

It has been a long time since a new Nexus has been usable for the general population, two years ago LG produced arguably the most successful Nexus so far. A 5 inch screened device, with good specs that was affordable to the masses. For the first time it was a phone you could recommend and you actually saw Nexus’ in use on the street. [Read More]

9.7 iPad Pro Review

A True Laptop Replacement?

Not many reviews are written on that very device, and in terms of mobile devices there can’t be many at all. However, now more than ever Apple is positioning their new tablets as true laptop replacements, even though almost every previous model has also been also capable of exactly the same thing. [Read More]

Huawei P9 Review - Pain and Gain

Its a weird thing to get an iOS user to review an Android device, and to be honest I am not usually interested. The Galaxy S7 and LG G5 are simply not my cup of tea, but when the Huawei P9 was announced I was immediately impressed. Bringing together excellent build quality into an all metal construction, combined with a great camera and excellent specs the P9 looked to become... [Read More]

Besiter Mercury Powerbank Review

Ever been taken out by the dreaded red battery level when yo want to get something done. Thats more of an open question, because we all have. Our mobile life is increasingly battery heavy so to avoid that warning boxes before your day is done, you need a power bank. Heres my review of the Besiter Mercury Powerbank. [Read More]

Nexus 6p - When P Means Premium

Well they finally did it. Google finally listened to all us geeks and produced a premium phone for the 7th generation of its Nexus line. A show stopper, Google produced the pinnacle of what they believe an android phone should be, and how it should work. This is the Nexus 6p — and when p stands for premium all others should take note. [Read More]