@frostedechoes Very weird. Thats the universe for you!

@ChrisJWilson There is

@ChrisJWilson done the same, didnt miss it really. For the 30% of things Readwise automated for me i did manually and also used an obsidian plugin for Kindle highlights.

@frostedechoes they have a single market and haven’t tried to bully their way into anything else (yet) so I guess that stands to reason.

From what I hear they cut pretty fair deals on the content they buy in and the shows they commission are well funded. So, good guy Netflix I guess.

@ChrisJWilson you must teach me!

@khurtwilliams Slàinte Mhath!

@ChrisJWilson Iagree.gif

@khurtwilliams The dark mode code I have in my screen.css is here I used a root for easier colour changes, so you will just need to change the colours to whatever you wish.

@AlanGMarz no. Much worse. I keep trying to move away a bit and try new things but nothing compares.

@khurtwilliams I like the image drop shadow 👌

I’ll put some code in a gist when I have 2 mins

@khurtwilliams it’s based on Arabica with some CSS and HTML changes. Nothing too major.

@AndyNicolaides You would have to set an image class and add the tag to the HTML

Easiest way might be to remove the width=100% in your css and set this in the HTML of the image itself. However this would break all your old images!

@AndyNicolaides You've got .post img in screen.css and also the same set in img in custom.css.

What is it that you are trying to achieve?

@AndyNicolaides have you got img in your css? Could be set to 100%

@pimoore @terrygrier yeah it will apply to everything. The custom domain will function as a kind of alias to your iCloud email.

The hide your email is just a forward box to whatever email you set, doesnt have to be an icloud one.

@muhh in the long run I’m going to switch to iCloud and authy I think.

@ChrisJWilson no its Wordpress, need to work on it some more when I have time.

@ChrisJWilson already started on my link tree thingy! me

@rishabh obviously it’s not exactly the same thing. But if you’re an Android user and you can get the top of the line phone each year for c£35 a month it’s a god deal.

@splinter until the new one. Usually middle of September so 3 months I guess.

@josephwood great shot. any specific app or model youre using?

@pimoore @benjohnson seconded. These are fantastic.

@AndyNicolaides same. When I go to a conversation it’s almost impossible to find who is replying to what.

@AndyNicolaides I liked it!

@AndyNicolaides oh. That seems like a pretty small use case then.