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@birchtree At some points you have to because it makes business sense, theres no avoiding it. But building your whole income on the back of something that could go away at any point with no repercussion, a la twitter api's or affiliate links, is a major risk.

That doesn't make it 'bad business', but you always need to have a nuclear option to fall back on. If we use the twitter example thankfully they all have that, Mastodon. They didn't build Mastodon apps before, hardly anyone did, because it didn't make business sense, now it does / they don't have another options.

As far as I am aware most companies also made other apps which is sensible. So in a sense they never built a 'bad business' but its still got to sting.

This happens all over the place with other business areas and they don't have another plan in place, nor a leg to stand on once the rug is pulled out.

Greg Morris @gr36