@AndyNicolaides yep. Some of this is just hacking your habits. I put Pocket where Twitter used to be and I read much more.

@AndyNicolaides I haven’t. Not a Star Trek fan.

@pimoore agree. I don’t care about trends. I do care if they lead to Apple killing the small phone. 😕

@AlanGMarz I tried all three versions when they came out before I stuck to one. I tried really hard to justify the Pro Max in my head, and wanted to lean into the camera but I couldn’t tell the different no matter how hard I tried.

The 2.5x is helpful but not a game changer for me. The camera on the mini is the same as the regular one on the Pro and takes great shots. I think the current crop are a bit of a regression compared to previous models with too much sharpening and HDR stuff for me.

I couldn’t write very well on the Pro Max either it was just too uncomfortable to hold.

@terrygrier the battery isn’t bad. It’s not as good as the regular 12, but it’s never going to be.

I get on fine with it thankfully.

@leonp definitely agree. I think if the mini could get down to sub 600 that’s where it would be a good bridge from SE to Pro

@AndyNicolaides yep. My blog has a lot of that in!

@AndyNicolaides I do this all the time. During writing I actually come to the realisation of something different.

@ChrisJWilson I think that is what I will ultimately do. Get a subtle mat that’s able to do Apple Watch

@jeannie I haven’t had an account since 2017

@pimoore I deleted my facebook account years ago... yet my mobile number is in the dump? Work that out....

@simonwoods very true!

@maique no me either. I like it here too much but it’s frustrating.

Also agree with the Twitter usage increase 😕

@terrygrier I'm pretty close to rage quitting

@gr36 my site is no broken for no reason. Nothing changed, nothin edited.

This is doing my head in

@gr36 that post took 15 minutes to publish!

@pimoore @terrygrier it's supposed to work but it doesnt. This is one way wordpress is much better. micro.blog users can comment, other websites can mention the posts and you can comment back to people and it appears in the mb timeline.

@AndyNicolaides I read it, downloaded a couple. Still playing Wonderbox to be honest

@manton YEah pretty much. Still some weirdness going on with older posts and photos but most things have been smoothed out.

@pimoore @terrygrier same as Pete.

I use a 365 account for work which is set up in Outlook. I then use Hey for anything else.

I don’t have notifications on for any mail other than VIP. No email is important otherwise the contact would be more direct.

@maique I agree. My phone is so handy. I’m trying to build up a workflow to shoot a bit more in raw but I think most of the times images are 90% there anyway.

@maique Your photos are always brilliant.

Do you carry a camera around or are they from a phone?

@terrygrier that rings some truth in my life. This might be something I explore.

@terrygrier that’s really interesting. Thanks for sharing

@AndyNicolaides I think you’re right. But maybe mb gives you an easier place to post to now?