Microcast - Don't Pin Your Hopes To iOS13

After a short break I am back to talk to you about the fact people are pinning all of their hopes on iOS13. This software update seems to be the larger update ever and will suddenly turn the iPad Pro into some kind of unicorn device.

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Microcast - The iPad Pro And Working From Home

I might stop gushing about iPads soon, but until then here are a few thoughts on the iPad and working from home, syncing with a Mac, the smart folio and also my need for stickers.

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Bring Your Own Device 75

What's a professional?

Nati tells Greg about his weird dream about being late to recording, and also how he enjoyed Maniac on Netflix. Greg, which was late to recording the podcast, gets his personal podcast on iTunes.

We also talk about the new iPad Pro, as Greg gives his thoughts about the future of computing, whether the iPad still falls between the Notebook and the smartphone, and his worries that Apple will over-complicate the iPad.

In addition, Nati explains to Greg why Apple will stop revealing unit sales and how it actually makes sense

Microcast - My iPad Pro Overview

Almost as soon as I finished the last episode my iPad arrived and I have been using it for the past couple of days. Here are my thoughts on the device itself and using the new hardware. Expect more over the next few days. 

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Microcast - Some iPad Pro Thoughts

My attempt to reboot my micro-cast starts with some iPad Pro thoughts about reviews, who gets devices and working on the device that is best for you. 

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Bring Your Own Device 48

One mile selfie stick

Nati is trying to teach his dog to do the dishes, without success and Greg is doing some microphone acrobatics, as we talk about iTunes not being killed, why every change Twitter is doing gets so much criticism, (PRODUCT)RED iPhones, and smartphones getting an increasing amount of multiple camera lenses. Also, we talk about Android manufacturers lying about security updates.

Bring Your Own Device 47

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should

We play with the idea of AI taking over pro applications, just before we discuss Apple’s recent push in AI with new key hirings, and when will these moves bear user-focused fruits. Also, we try to understand Apple’s latest iOS development schedule as WWDC is around the corner, whether Apple’s Mac Pro announcement timing is good or not, the rumors about Apple going the ARM way with the Macs by 2020, and what the heck is going on with developers and Watch apps.