Microcast - My Podcast Setup

After a listener request, I’ve decided to talk you through my podcast set up, editing and hosting tools. I hope this is helpful and gives you in insight of what I use and how I produce this and the rest of my podcasts.  [Read More]

And You Are? - 01 Daryl Baxter

Daryl is a freelance podcaster and writer from Manchester, England. He writes about video games, technology and the experiences around them. His first podcast, the Outpost Show, focuses on people that use an iPad and how they get things done. [Read More]

Microcast - What Is Real Work?

I am a little late to the party but wanted to talk about real work on the iPad. I’m doing real work on mine, and many other people are, but where is the line drawn? What is a computer? I am starting to care less and less. [Read More]

Microcast - Don't Pin Your Hopes To iOS13

After a short break I am back to talk to you about the fact people are pinning all of their hopes on iOS13. This software update seems to be the larger update ever and will suddenly turn the iPad Pro into some kind of unicorn device. [Read More]

Microcast - My iPad Pro Overview

Almost as soon as I finished the last episode my iPad arrived and I have been using it for the past couple of days. Here are my thoughts on the device itself and using the new hardware. Expect more over the next few days.  [Read More]

Bring Your Own Device 49

Let's throw an AppStore on it with special guest Ben Basche

Ben Basche joins us with a eulogy for his lost iPad Pro, as we talk about leaks and Apple’s culture of secrecy through the lens of story-telling. We also dive into Apple’s latest struggles with software quality, the value of the company’s services and the power of ecosystems and how they evolve from the DNA of a company.