Posting From Gr36.Com/Micro

I guess the best way for me to do this whole micro posting thing is to set up my own and post everywhere.

I don’t want to move to Wordpress, and I still can’t get the damn Micropub to github to work. Stuck! So this will have to do for now.

P.s. this is kind of a test post to see if this actually works.

You don’t need to be sorry

Every now and then I simply leave twitter alone for a bit. I’ve tried to properly quit a few times but it never really works, I simply have too much invested in the service and meet too many cool people.

Sometimes I just need a break and quite often notice this feeling before it gets out of hand. However there is nothing wrong, you don’t need to be sorry for me, I want some time away from all the noise.

This sometimes coincides with a particularly noisy time in my circles, so perhaps CES hasn’t helped. I will return but don’t be worried for me, or to take a break yourself.

Back using microblog

So a few month ago I was using a lot. In fact quite few people called me a evangelist. But not long after the post above I left and deleted my account.

I became annoyed at the service and found it very repetitive. All I saw were the same ‘type’ of users and posts, finding it very draining to find people to follow or interact with. Many of these issues and feelings I had were early teething issues ( hours to publish a post) or just feeling like I don’t fit in.

I dived back into Twitter again, but kept checking in. I’ve read some interesting posts over there last few weeks, and more people seem to be interacting now so I will see how it goes again.

So is back in action.

Test micro posts

This is a test post of a micropost from Shortcuts, this one should post straight to my blog because it is more than 280 characters. However shorter posts will be sent straight to twitter. Just like but without all the crap that goes with it. Hopefully this works because several test have failed quite badly!

Todoist Zero Wallpapers

Check out some awesome wallpapers using the Todoist zero artwork. All by Doist artist Margarida Mouta Link

Awesome Wallpapers For Everyone

Follow JFL on Twitter for brilliant wallpapers coming out all the time

The Dent

I don’t very often link to other websites without a quote from a post, but Andy has been writing some very interesting posts over the last few weeks. He also does a couple of great podcasts and is generally a great person to follow on Twitter. The Dent is his new website which moves away from a personal blog and you should 100% check out some of his posts and pop his feed in your RSS reader