Listening to Podcasts without Voice Boost →

For that matter, why don’t they “shorten silences” on their end, too? That way, everyone could benefit from better audio quality and a shorter runtime.

I agree that voice boost is handy but I am not onboard with cutting all silences. Pauses are an essential part of speaking and should be respected.

If you’re just falling over your own speech by all means cut, but respect the silences.


Privacy Policy updates are trendy | One-Tech Mind →

There’s a silver lining in the aftermath of the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica fiasco: everyone and their mother are updating privacy policies right now. Go ahead, check your inbox; I bet you have quite a few. Maybe it’s a bit marketing fluff, but the optimist in me hopes there is good intention.

You’ve got new GDPR regulation in the EU to thank for his. Rather than creating multiple terms of service most services are rolling out the regulation to all users. So you all benefit from better privacy policies thank to the EU.

The down side of this is some services are pulling out of European countries instead. Which seems to be causing a stir, but if the business isn’t viable you can’t really blame them.

However I would cast an eye over these companies more than others just to check it’s not just about costs.


Scuttlebutt Regarding Apple’s Cross-Platform UI Project | Daring Fireball →

doubt that 2018 was on the table in December. It’s a 2019 thing, for MacOS 10.15 and iOS 13.1 I would set your expectations accordingly for this year’s WWDC.

A significant developer focused change will launch with 13.1? What a strange move launching with with what is typically an update a month or so after the iPhone hits stores.

So in theory 13.1 would launch October / November 2019. That seems a long way off and at the wrong time entirely.


The case for Apple’s iMessage on Android | Macworld →

While Android users might appreciate having access to iMessage, the bigger benefit would be for iPhone users, who’d never again have to suffer SMS’s limitations.

I’m not sure if people realise what a big pull iMessage is. Users that would never consider switching may not realise that iMessage is one of the big players in making people stay on iOS.

Those that are exposed to iMessage for even a small amount of time know what a pain it is to have to go back to regular SMS. Google can try and fix it all it likes but regular SMS is horrible.

This is without considering the fact that I don’t think Apple could convince carriers to get on board. If they tried to do something to iMessage now I think the carriers would resist it.


Rethinking Reminders – →

What I can envision for Reminders is a blending of the some commonly used features for these apps, and doing what they do best — create a version that, while not first, is nearly equal to alternatives and is natively a part of the OS Rethinking Reminders –

Many of the issues I have with the Reminders app are pretty easy solves. The UI is extremely dated and as such exaggerates the confused nature of the layout. The cards based UI appears to be where Apple are focusing so it wouldn’t take much work to make it look a whole lot better.

Looks aside the app provides many of the features that users will need. Reminders simply needs some TLC similar to the improvements Ape made to notes. My worry is that Apple have no intention of making any massive jumps forward with their stock apps and simply only worked on Notes because of the Apple Pencil.


RSS Readers Are Due for a Comeback - WIRED →

anyone weary of black-box algorithms controlling what you see online at least has a respite, one that’s been there all along but has often gone ignored. Tired of Twitter? Facebook fatigued? It’s time to head back to RSS. RSS Readers Are Due for a Comeback: Feedly, The Old Reader, Inoreader | WIRED

RSS is one of the back bones of the internet in my honest opinion. While there has never been a time without it, articles starting to bleed though into more mainstream avenues may persuade more people to stop getting news from Facebook.

Apple news deserves a special mention for surfacing lots of interesting posts. It also seems to get better over time. However when a company controls the service you have to worry at least a little.

RSS is the way to go and with some brilliant apps available there is no better time but now to dive in.


Huawei Considered Phone Notches Years Ago But Feared Backlash | →

The technology giant initially mulled over the concept “three or four years ago,” according to the executive. Mr. Li praised Apple for its decision to pull the trigger on commercializing a mobile device with a screen cutout last fall, thus pioneering such a non-symmetrical mobile design. While Huawei could have done the same circa 2015, it was “too conservative and cautious,” a mistake that it’s adamant to not repeat going forward Huawei Considered Phone Notches Years Ago But Feared Backlash |

I just cant believe this claim at all. Not because Huawei ain’t capable of designing great hardware, but because of their insistence on copying Apple at every step.

Huawei and almost every Android OEM bar Samsung continue to criticise and then copy other companies designs, yet still strive to make themselves ‘different’.


A Supporting Character in Everyone Else’s Narrative – BirchTree →

You are not the center of the universe, you’re a supporting character in everyone else’s story. You can be the lone wolf hero in your own world, but that really just writes you out of everyone else’s narrative. A Supporting Character in Everyone Else’s Narrative – BirchTree

Straight after this posted I tweeted about how profound I found this quote from what is essentially a technology Blog. It has been rattling around in my head ever since and think it deserves more time than the 1minute read time the post takes.

Matt is not the first to say such a thing, but he posed the question as part of a larger debate around technology circles. We all feel like the world revolves around us, we all feel like the world owes us something, yet in reality we are all the same person. We all arrive with a blanck slate and it is only our life to this point that has changed us.

Other people are far more important than you are, as Matt says “Build those relationships.”


Being tired isn’t a badge of honour – Signal v. Noise →

As Joe Rogan says The universe does indeed reward hustle, but your body doesn’t have a limitless ability to keep going. It isn’t a competition to see who can keep going the longest and one quote from Jason Fried is at least trying to buck this horrible trend:

A lot of entrepreneurs onstage have been bragging about not sleeping, telling their audiences about their 16-hour days, and making it sound like hustle-at-all-costs is the way ahead. Rest be damned, they say - there’s an endless amount of work to do.

This badge that people that are successful seem to wear is not just damaging to your long term health but also more often that not untrue. Sleep might seem like a waste of time but enables you to performa much better in the hours you are awake. Gary Vee is often one of the people that people look to for inspiration and motivation - yet he supports down time.

Go hard, but don’t kill yourself doing it.

*edit: I corrected the title to the correct English spelling!


The Comfort Of Apples Ecosystem - MacStories →

Long time Apple enthusiast Federico Viticci has been fighting using Apple products exclusively for quite a while, but has finally given up. He wrote:

Since the end of last year, however, I’ve been witnessing a gradual shift that made me realize my relationship with Apple’s hardware and software has changed. I’ve progressively gotten deeper in the Apple ecosystem and I don’t feel like I’m being underserved by some aspects of it anymore. - [Erasing Complexity: The Comfort of Apple’s Ecosystem

I have also started to embrace using the stock Apple apps and services more, yet still cant get to grips with everything. Without doubt apps such and Notes and even Mail prove over time to be more robust than third party systems. However there are still some pretty large holes in Calendar and most of all Reminders. It seems that not everything gets the same attention as others.

There is no denying that in terms of hardware its hard to find equals to AirPods, iPad and even I would argue to some extent HomePod. As frustrating as Siri is, with regard to music there is no equal in finding exactly the song or album you want to listen to.