Building A Micro Blog On Jekyll

After exploring other options to sharing on social media and using I’m stuck. There doesn’t seem to be the perfect option out there to fulfil all of my needs so for now I still to my own blog. [Read More]

Errors in Apple Health App? Try this fix

When Apple launched the Apple Watch, it was greeted with confused emotions. It tried too hard to be everything to everyone, however from watchOS 2 onwards the message has been clear. Notifications and health monitoring are the major benefits to everyone, recording activity levels and making users more engaged. Unfortunately from time to time the health data recorded is incorrect. [Read More]

How to put chapters into your podcast

Aside from the company future looking a little bleak, one of the motivating reasons behind moving Bring Your Own Device from Soundcloud was to add in chapter markers for our listeners. Several shows have been doing this for quite a while and it makes it so simple to find the news we are talking about. This week I finally got around to doing it and here is how you can... [Read More]

Ulysses Automation Tip - When Inspiration Hits

I have been writing in Markdown for a few years now, using a variety of apps to create and publish posts to my personal blog, Coolsmartphone and a few other Wordpress blogs. Having recently switched all of my work to the Ulysses app I’ve been trying to automate as much of my workflow as possible: and heres a nifty trick to jot some notes when you get an idea. [Read More]