Working With Footnotes In Jekyll And CSS

Whilst spending far too long redesigning this blog, I’ve come to the conclusion that it look fine the way it is and I couldn’t be bothered with a huge change. So instead I’ve been looking into changing some of the small things. Many of these were pretty easy, but my... [Read More]

Agenda App URL Scheme

The opinions on Agenda app range from excitement to confusion but it has caused quite a stir in iOS productivity circles. The developers are constantly improving the app and there are now a bunch of automation options available for Agenda via x-callback URL. [Read More]

Building A Micro Blog On Jekyll

After exploring other options to sharing on social media and using I’m stuck. There doesn’t seem to be the perfect option out there to fulfil all of my needs so for now I still to my own blog. [Read More]

Lumia stuck on getting things ready?

I waited with baited breath for a new Lumia 950, my first for a while and the first real device for eurotechtalk. It not only meant a new device for me to play with, but signalled that we were being taken seriously and things were looking good. Microsoft had offered... [Read More]