Siri falls down at default apps

I know, I know I’m calling for Siri to get better again. Yet nothing has brought the downfalls of Apples voice assistant to the forefront than spending some time using Apples new AirPods. There has always been issues with using Siri and granted Apple are working hard at fixing and... [Read More]

Bear: The Serious Notes App

Notes apps are a strange thing to review. Everyone already has one built into iOS, and the vast majority of people will never look anywhere else. I was one of those people until I was able to delete first party apps, and much like replacing reminders with Todoist - I’ve... [Read More]

Todoist- My New App to Get Things Done

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a weird draw to organising things. It started with stationary and folders, and in the digital age expanded into spreadsheets and lists. I consider myself an organised person - yet one app has improved this further, Todoist. [Read More]

Ulysses Automation Tip - When Inspiration Hits

I have been writing in Markdown for a few years now, using a variety of apps to create and publish posts to my personal blog, Coolsmartphone and a few other Wordpress blogs. Having recently switched all of my work to the Ulysses app I’ve been trying to automate as much... [Read More]

How to get started with WorkFlow

If there is one thing you need when trying to get anything productive done on iOS, its automation. Something that had been distinctly missing from the OS up until relatively recently. Workflow is by no means a new app but it’s developers have been constantly improving it, and here is... [Read More]