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Since sharing some thoughts on the default apps blogging trend yesterday, I have had a few emails from some people, which is always nice, asking about even the few apps I did highlight. So I thought I would concede that perhaps even my setup might be interesting and share my homescreen for the first time since 2021.

I don’t like to have many apps on my actual homescreen, as that tends to prompt me into usage that I don’t want to have. All the apps on the last two rows are to encourage me to do something useful, or the apps that I use the most but won’t trick me into engaging with them longer than needed.

Day One - I journal as much as I can. Although the Apple App shows good promise, it doesn’t live up to Day One yet.

Apple Notes - I use Apple Notes for everything, and I think you should too. Even more so now that iOS17 is out.

LIghtroom - I use this to edit all of my photos, be it mobile or with a real camera.

Matter - The best read it later services I have tried. I can save articles, videos, and podcasts that will also be transcribed for me to use the information later.

Ulysses - I mess around trying to replace it every so often, I can’t. - Speaks for itself, it’s where this post was published! - I tried to hack my creativity and inspiration, and I love this app for background noise in my headphones when I am working.

ChatGPT - this is a recent dalliance with LLM’s to aid my working life. I used Claude in Notion for a while, but nothing comes close to GPT4. You’ll notice some images created with Dall.e 3 creeping in to my blog too.

If you have any more questions about apps, feel free to ask, using the buttons below. The orange app with the white squiggle on it is where I book my martial arts classes, I can’t find the source of the wallpaper so can’t distribute it I am afraid. Apart from that, I think everything is pretty boring.

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