Greg Morris

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Know Your Values

A few years ago, I read the book Ruined by design. You could consider it Hooked written by an ethical designer. It talks a lot about doing the work that you want to do, and not compromising on your morals and values. At various points in your life, that might be extremely difficult or impossible, but you must know what your values are and stand for them in everything you do.

If you want to be the type of person that enjoys working, either for yourself or someone else, you must display your core values all the time. Do not compromise yourself to gain things, as this will just make you feel a bit rubbish, not to mention the frustration that comes from being led down a path you would rather not take. Believe me, I’ve been there in my early life, compromising wheat I stood for in return for more money or a flashy title. There is nothing at the end of the path but crap feelings and lack of motivation.

When I look at people in my working life that struggle to get things done, it is because they would rather not do the tasks that they have. No-one wants to do everything that they have to do, but a general sense of enjoyment and belief leads to better productivity. You don’t have to have the best job in thew world, you just need it to be something that reflects you as a person. Pursuing passion has more to do with reflecting yourself in the things you do that what you do.