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Why Do People Like Field Notes Notebooks?

This question is one of the most common searched for terms and also asked in various ways all over social media. It’s an understandable one, people are fascinated by their dedicated fans. Unfortunately, it is also a question that doesn’t really have a straight answer. Different people like Field Notes for different reasons, but they can usually be summarised by the following.


Numerous people really enjoy using analogue things, with the use of more tactile products increasing year over year. As such, the way Field Notes acts and feels is critical, and many people agree their quality is great.

This is subjective. Many other brands such as Moleskin have excellent paper too. However, quality often comes out near the top of reasons people like Field Notes notebooks. Their paper is thicker, whiter and nicer to touch than many others.

Limited Editions

People love to collect things, and Field Notes produce quarterly editions that are limited. They feature an entire range of things including Great Lakes and National parks, as well as often being bright and bold.

Once they run out, they are never printed again and people love that they own a small piece of history and often keep them stored away. You can now even subscribe to make sure you get all the quarterly editions straight to your door.

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The Brand

Field Notes have built a brand that people respect and admire. They are not a huge, all encompassing conglomerate, they care about what they make and the people who use them. Often creating editions that give to organisations and events, as well as reflecting a caring personality.

People like Field Notes because the brand represents who they are as a person. The brand works hard to create a look that feels nice and people love that.


Not often big on the list of a company that makes paper notebooks (and a few other things) but they have often pushed things forward. Editions like the Expedition, which is almost indestructible, show the care, thought and investment that goes into marking Field Notes notebooks.

It’s clear that Field Notes have built up not just a brand that people love, but a quality product that is worth the investment. They usually cost a little more, but really put the effort into creating a product that people rely on. Many people like Field Notes notebooks and simply wouldn’t use anything else.