The Benefits Of The Max Club

Josh Ginter shared some thoughts on returning to Plus Club:

The Pro Max’s larger, more comfortable keyboard means I can bang out responses a little quicker and hone in some of my more focused Mac-time to truly productive work rather than email responding.

Should I believe that everything happens for a reason, I would start to think the universe wants me to have a big phone again. Over the weekend, I had a long chat with good friend Daryl Baxter and talked about an iPad Mini for content consumption. Only after remembering the price of the new mini did I consider the potential benefits of having a bigger phone instead.

In my self reasoning post from 2021 I argued that if you want one device the biggest you can get make sense. There are huge advantages to have a big phone for typing, watching content and interacting with it – most people only see the downsides. Which tare considerable when you consider the weight and sheer size of the Max models of iPhone.

With that said, I used the 13 Pro Max for most of last year and enjoyed being able to type out blog posts easily, edit photos enjoyably and generally get along a bit better when I needed to use my phone. It’s when it’s not in use that the downsides become obvious. That budge in my pants is the camera bump, I’m not pleased to see you!

As I become more reliant on my Apple Watch and only have my phone on me when it’s unavoidable, it makes sense to have the best one that does the small tasks well. Writing, reading, watching a film on the elliptical all lend themselves to jointing the Max Club again.

Damn it, I think I just talked myself into it.

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