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Journaling for Journaling Sake

This afternoon, I randomly decided I was going to go into town and buy a bullet journal. No idea why, just seeing all the new year posts around and numerous people setting theirs up made me want one. The only issue is that I already know this wouldn’t work for me, I’ve tried it, and only a few days ago writing two posts outlining why this wouldn’t work for me. That wasn’t going to stop me though.

Watching YouTube and looking online for the journal I was going to buy, and it only took about an hour for me to realise the error in my thinking. I would happily pay £20-30 to get a book and some pens etc, but not £20 for a year if Day One (there’s a new years offer until today). I already know that digital tools are better for me to use. The only attractiveness of using something manual is that I will have even less reason to use my phone. Which is still quite attractive, I must admit.

What I did instead was stump up for a year of premium in Day One, so I can have a few different journals. One for morning pages. One for random thoughts and feelings whenever I feel like writing, and perhaps another for logging what we get up to as a family with photos. I really like the idea of getting one printed each year with our adventures in.

So, I went full circle in a matter of an hour or so, just like I always do, but I do feel like this will really help me, I feel positive about this decision.