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Folder Peek: Mac Folders In Your Menu Bar

Another little app that I discovered to aid my Mac life recently is another free one. I discovered this one through a post by fellow micro.blogger Jarrod Blundy, and it has become a staple of my Mac usage ever since.

Do you ever have to go digging around in finder to head to the same usual folders time after time? Me to. We have a Dropbox shared archive at work that drives me insane with the amount of level changes I need. Sure, I could set up a load of messy aliases or dock folders, but this apps solves all of that. Placing a nice and neat icon in my menu bar and storing all the folders I require.

I can also navigate around with ease to other destinations, see a preview of the file, or open the file I require without leaving my desktop. There are so many delightful little touches that it's hard to point out them all. My favourites are right-clicking on the icon opens the folder in finder, and that I can set a few different folders to all be accessible from one menu bar icon. Although it is starting to look a bit full now!

I am so impressed with this app I’m also testing a few other ones by the same developer Sindre Sorhus as they all seem very high quality. I have already installed, Today to put my calendar in my menu bar (menu bar all the things) and also Actions to extend Shortcuts abilities. I have a feeling that I might be going all out on customising my Mac currently so I hope you don’t mind me sharing what I find along the way.