Four F**king Months

I’m on a bit of journey at the moment. One that I am determined not the be preachy about but one that I will share some thoughts and feeling about along the way. Since quitting Twitter, I’ve been assessing where and how I want to spend my time and due to random Googling about social media topics I came across a video by Sam Massey.

He talks about quitting social media and references a video by Dave VanDonge as his main inspiration. The talking point is this - the average American spends 705 hours a year on social media. In 8 hour work days that is four months of work!

Just think about that. 705 hours of doing nothing but scrolling through social media and often being exposed to the worst that humanity has to offer. There’s exceptions here of course. To all those screaming “yeah but…” I am sure your feed is curated perfectly and the time you spend there is be beneficial to you. Awesome. But just think about all that time.

The average (so there’s some people out there doing much more to make up for me) American puts in four months work to social media. Think about all those people that don’t have time to see friends. Or exercise like they want to. Or learn a new skill. Whatever it is, the time is there, it’s just not being used.

Like I said, no preaching. I’m not telling you to go delete all your social media accounts right now. But man. That’s a load of hours to just waste away. Actual figures could be even worse, some places found around 147 minutes a day (just under 900hours a year). I’m still in a bit of a shock.

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