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The indieweb has become an important part of my decision-making when it comes to online things. It wouldn’t stop me from using a new service if support was lacking, but it would form a large chunk of the decision-making. I think it’s essential to make sure where you put your content and spend your time is a good place. Not only that is supports you as a person, but also the web as a whole. I’m just not into placing my content onto services that use it for their gain any longer and the implosion at Twitter has done us all a favour.

As such, I have begun to create myself a place on the web, particularly the social web, that is wholesome and ethical. Mastodon continues to be an excellent, if a little nosey currently, place to be, and you can follow my posts by subscribing to This is more personal things and throw away posts that social media is made for. Shout out to while we’re at it as a superb service that started as a landing page for social media but just keeps offering more and more.

When it comes to blogging, I’ve been an avid user of for some time. Although I chose to move my website to a new home this year, it didn’t last long, so my more relaxed place to publish is at Hosted with its own presence in the indieweb, and you can follow it anywhere that supports ActivityPub This will contain everything I publish, short or long and also all my photography, similar to an RSS feed but for the social web. You can even reply to posts, and they appear as comments.

When it comes to feeds, there’s still a notion floating around that RSS is dead. This is as ridiculous this year as it has been for the last few, and continues to be where plenty of people read blog posts. I like to split my posts a little for those not wanting a feed full of my ramblings. The RSS feed at contains just blog posts, whereas the JSON feed contains everything.

For some strange reason people tend to like following me and always make my online world as nice as possible. If all of this information means nothing to you then I apologise and presume you’re already following along in the best way for you. Carry on.

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