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Shortcut: Find Mastodon User On

I still can’t decide where I want to put my time. Do I follow mastodon users on or follow users on Mastodon? At the minute I’m doing both, and thankfully it’s straightforward to find any ActivityPub users on Even easier with the handy Shortcut!

Grab it [here](

All you have to do is find the user’s account and run the Shortcut. You need to highlight the user’s account address in Safari and share the webpage to the Shortcut. This is especially handy for people with a complicated instance address. If this isn’t possible, just type (or paste) in the handle when asked.

The Shortcut will then convert the address to the correct format and search From there you can follow the account easily, just make sure you’re signed in. All of your accounts in one place, like magic. That’s interoperability for you!