Being Angry

I was pretty angry this morning. With good reason, I thought at the time. I had lost 4-5 hours worth of work, but it still felt like a pointless emotion. It didn’t get me anywhere, changed absolutely nothing about the situation, and only made me feel worse.

Anger is, in most situations, a pointless emotion to feel. There must be some evolutionary advantages to feeling anger, but in the modern world in generally gets you nowhere. Even in combat, where you would think anger could be advantageous, it just clouds your judgement and increases the chance of mistakes.

Duncan Trussel put it fantastically when he said that “anger is the second wound inflicted by your enemy”. Something he puts down to Buddha, but unfortunately, I can’t find any reference for it currently. Whoever said it, it is dead on. The only outcome is an wound on the person suffering with it, burnt by its toxic effects.

Anger does not bring back my work. In any situation, it doesn’t change whatever has happened, it just affects the future negatively.

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