Day two of being positive, and it has been a lonely one. In other circumstances my day might have been considered perfect, filled with crap TV, books and chilling out. I don’t feel ill per se (bar a headache and a bit of a cough) but I am completely drained of energy.

Despite my family checking on me and making sure I am OK, it’s not the same as hanging out together. This is what I miss the most. Keeping myself away from the others is the right thing to do, but it feels really isolating and not what I am used to. I look forward to our weekends together and even if we don’t do much, enjoy time just hanging out.

I am having to do things in burst due to feeling worn out, just sitting up and typing this out is bound to leave me feeling tired again. However, there isn’t much sleeping going on due to my dreams being disturbed and a bit hallucinogenic. When I wake up, I feel as if I have been out running, not laying in my bed.

COVID is such fun. It isn’t like any other illness I have had before and despite having three vaccinations, and catching it symptom free last year I can still feel this ill is weird.

Greg Morris @gr36