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I Don’t Know Where To Put It

For the last few weeks, I have been struggling with what to do with the posts I want to publish. With my renewed motivation to do a bit more, and also publish more photos, the sensible thing is to sort this out now. As it stands currently I have a blog and a, and the lines are getting blurry.

I have long ago given up the idea that my writing will be popular or even widely read, but I love having a nice blog just for me to publish my thoughts and feelings. If one person reads it, then that’s a bonus. If they take something away from it, apart from knowledge not to visit again, then perfect. I love publishing anything that comes to mind, and in that sense, just having one blog makes perfect sense.

I have been here before, when I just wanted a place to type something out and hit publish. Despite my insistence that things have changed, I moved back to Ghost soon after and made a new home. So, I have more than a bit of trepidation on going all in on one blog yet again, given that neither of the places do a good job of fulfilling both of these post types.

Ghost really doesn’t work well with posts having no title and no support of any open web standards. Whereas my is nearly always breaking, or not doing something quite right. Something I'm not really concerned about with smaller posts, but I like to publish something if I have half a mind to do so.

If it was possible to move my Ghost posts over, I would have a test on how would look, but that doesn’t work either. I will probably mess around with two spaces for a lot longer, until I lose the motivation to think about it any longer.