All Work And No Play On One Computer

Around this time last year, I gave up my work iMac Pro and began working on my personal MacBook Pro. In many ways, this was the best decision I have ever made because I can take my computer wherever I am in the office and also plug it into a monitor when I am working at home. Yet, my work and my creative life have never felt the same since.

I spoke at the time of the deep cross-overs that these two areas of my life were having. Pondering over the use of an iPad for my personal life to introduce a bit of calm. This experiment didn’t last very long due to various factors including the iPad no longer working, but the idea is sound and given my recent struggles is something I want to explore again.

What really tipped me over the edge towards iOS adoption again was a couple of excellent posts by Josh Ginter. Since March, he has been keeping a separate creativity computer (an iPad Pro) due to being in a similar situation as myself. I hadn’t quite realised that the feelings he felt were the same ones swirling in my head until reading this. Indeed, he has become a proponent of a separate creative everything, to build walls between personal and professional.

It makes perfect sense and drawing parallels in my photography life, I simply have to keep a separate ‘work’ and family camera. So with my work kindly supplying a new iPad for me to use, the experiment is on once again. I am hoping that the calmness and tendency for me to use one app at a time will give me some creative spark and allow me to work a bit deeper on the tings I enjoy.

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