This is me: not you

One of the reasons I try not to write about my ways and opinions much any more is because of how peachy they can come across. When talking about anything, particularly something like technology usage, there’s a tendency to use instructional language that ends up being a post about little more than feeding the ego. My posts are never aimed like that, but I have read many that are, and whole books, that make me question my publication and motives.

Let’s take for example my repeated need every so often to cut back my usage of Twitter. This always leads to some kind of response coming back my way, either in direct reply but snarky subtweets. These kinds of responses do not bother me, but they do reflect the way that social media tends to respond. I am told that the ‘personalness’ of social media leads to personal responses, but all we see are reply guys and Debbie Downers.

People that take each interaction that is thrown into the ether as a slight on them and not merely a comment on the way that specific person feels. Using my Twitter example above, simply because I want to cut down my Twitter usage does not mean I am waving some kind of self-righteous flag and now looking down on people that continue to use it.

However, I get it. I’ve read the posts that are doing that. Lecturing you about the benefits of the thing they have done and imploring you to do the same. With all the ‘look how good I am’ ego pumping that their fingers can type. However, this is not the reason I publish things, it’s for me more than you. There is no preaching. Just a stream of consciousness and a written reference of my thoughts and feelings. Don’t take it personally.

Greg Morris @gr36